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Accountant Essay

1296 words - 6 pages

Business Research Methods, Part III

Zaida Torres, Jessica Lozada, José Solivan, Reynaldo Sánchez
University of Phoenix
QNT 561
February 13, 2013
Professor Rolando Velez

Business Research Methods, Part III

In order to understand the statistical analysis of the data from the Business Research Methods, Part II it is important to discuss every question individually. In the first question of the survey most of the people interviewed answered agree that they understand the benefits for which they are eligible in the company. This could mean that the employees feel the company covers their needs and this helps to have motivated employees. In the second ...view middle of the document...

In the seventh question most people feel free to use their own judgment in their job. This could mean that employee’s feel free to resolve any difficult presented in their tasks. Often this can be a positive practice because the work can be done using the own judgment with minimal supervisor’s intervention. In the last question of the survey most of the people answered they have job security. This could mean employees do not feel uncertainty about their job and thus, do not feel the need to search other different job opportunities. Also, this means employees are more focused doing their jobs. This survey was elaborated with simple question, easy to answer understood, but sometimes they need to be validated to confirm is the result are reliable.
The validity and reliability of the research question, data and analysis is very important at the moment of the confirmation of the result of the survey. We need to evaluate the potential challenge in the process to maintain the accuracy in the result, but first we need to understand what is validity and reliability. The reliability “is obtaining the same results for a test, with equal conditions” (Phelan, 2005-06). The reliability form is changing word in the survey or even changing order of questions and answers, in a second survey to the same people surveyed. If results are the same we can discard misunderstanding on what’s being asked and this will support your efforts in convincing others to accept your hypothesis. In the other side the validity “is verifying that results obtained from test, answers all questions, and meets all requirements of what wants to be measured” (Phelan, 2005-06). Content validity, which is making sure that we ask questions that target what’s wanted to know. In this case you can ask a person to read your survey and give you feedback on it, without knowing what you’re searching for. Criterion validity is the act of comparing results of your test against already established measurements. In our case, the topic we picked was internal conflicts at work, so you cannot ask questions that dealt with other topics.
The different challenge that we found were arise at the moment of realizing the investigation, which can put in jeopardy the validity and reliability of the research. These can influence the results of the research; we will divide them in internal and external. One examples of internal reliability is when there are many researchers and interpretations and data recorded may differ. Another thing is using notes as the only source of data; these may be misunderstood after time has passed by and also that surveys can be done with researchers’ perspective of an individual, without the individual knowing what is being answered. Examples of external reliability include the social status of the researcher; if he or she is an operator the majority of surveys will come from the production...

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