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Accounting Executive Essay

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1. Introduction
There are things that have been around for many of years and that are still going on today. Advertising has been around for hundreds of years. Advertising is the key thing to a business. Every business needs to have a head person or group of people who have the responsibility of the advertising for the business. For example, when talking about an accounting firm or agencies you need to have an advertising accounting executive. An advertising accounting executive takes care of all the advertising campaigns in an advertising agency. Each day they have the challenge of having a relationship with clients and trying to figure out how they can advertise that client’s product ...view middle of the document...

All day long they are at busy meeting with clients to discuss their advertising requirement, working with people to figure out campaigns, presenting to the account manager and assistants, handling budgets, arranging and attending meetings, and so much more. Each of these things are different activities an accounting executives have to do.
To start off an accounting executive needs to be able to have a good relationship with people. Accounting executives have to be able to sit down with a client and talk about what that client wants done. Accounting executives are the relationship between the team and the client. The accounting executive has to make sure the client is happy. Not only does the accounting executive have the role of making the client happy but also has to manage the client’s ad budget.
When an accounting executive has clients the executive has to contact them everyday. Call him or her to discuss projects and if there are any problems with the creative team. If there is a problem the accounting executive has to talk to the creative team and fix it. The accounting executive is the relationship between the agencies and the client everyday. The accounting executive has to make sure everything is under control. To be an accounting executive you have to be skills with working with people, good at thinking of ideas, organized, responsible, good judgment and good money skill.
Accounting executive do have to take care of the agency’s and the client’s money. Accounting executives have to be good at working with money so they can be trusted with the agencies and client’s money. Having good computer skills is good for recording data management and for recordkeeping. Also having the skill to speak a different language is helpful. Having this skill will open opportunities to work at different places all over the country.
When going to apply for a job to be an accounting executive you need to have a college degree. Accounting executive should have their bachelor degree and some agencies even want 2 to 3 years experience. These agencies want someone who has had experience because being an accounting executive is a lot to handle and a lot of responsibility.
3. Advantages/Disadvantages
Having to be very responsible to be an accounting executive can either be an advantage or a disadvantage. The accounting executive as stated before is the person who is the relationship between the client and the agency. If the executive is not responsible and not able to be in control this could be a disadvantage of being an advertising accounting executive.
Another disadvantage of being an accounting executive is having to work very long hours each day. Accounting executive work up to 40 or more hours per week. These accountants are moving all these hours too not just sitting at an office desk going through papers. Advertising accounting executive have to work long hours each day being of all the activities they have to do. Activities such as,...

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