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Accounting Students Leadership Essay

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Development of accounting students' leadership skills can be incorporated into the accounting degree program as a part of the curriculum by getting students involved in the various activities that the accounting society organizes throughout the year. Right now the number of students involved is relatively low. The accounting society is run by the students and is for the students. It is a great platform to develop our leadership skills. Students are able to plan and organize events, help tutor freshmen, also meet with leaders in the field of accounting in Little Rock. The society is also organizing a field trip later this semester, where students will get to see real life scenario at different areas in accounting. The society is a great resource for all accounting majors. It should be made a requirement that every student becomes a member of the society and fulfill a certain number of hours of work for the society to graduate.
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I have been working towards this. Sometimes things do not go as planned. But I do realize that and will have to move forward. I hope I will be able to do a better job with managing my time in the coming months and years.

Leadership plays an important role in the workforce. A way to incorporate leadership development into the accounting program is to provide feedback on our leadership skills. Emotional intelligence and leadership tests would be a quick way to provide feedback to students on their skills. Once students know where they stand on both subjects, they should have a class that teaches them to develop their weaknesses into strengths. For example, if self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, or social skills were lacking, the class could have different self-activities used to develop these skills in pretend situations. You can keep practicing developing these skills by repeating the situation and comparing the different results. These situations would also help you develop visions, relating to relationships within the organization, sense making in the world around us, and inventing new ways to work together. This would give students experience in leadership before they enter the workforce.
Another way for accounting students to develop leadership skills is through the accounting society. By working together for a common goal, leadership skills will emerge. The accounting society is currently putting a program together to tutor students in principles. This is an excellent idea because the tutor will learn how to lead the accounting student in the right direction through social interactions and learning. Emotional intelligence will be developed by tutoring students.
A leadership skill I need to develop is being able to trust teamwork. Whenever I am in a group project, sometimes it is hard for me to trust others to do their part. Instead, I try to do the whole project and take on as much work as I can. I need to improve working as a group and supporting my team members. In the next three months, I should learn to follow when it’s needed, and when to lead. I can do this by communicating better with team members, and developing trust in them.

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