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Action Research Essay

2247 words - 9 pages

Attitude versus Achievement
Danielle Hayes
Grand Canyon University: RDG 530
March 30, 2015

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Literature Review 5
Methodology 7-8
Data Collection Procedures 8-9
References 10

This action research project will use a pre reading attitude survey, teacher observations, and a post-reading attitude survey to collect data from a diverse group of 10 Kindergarten students in a Title I school. Data will be analyzed to determine what happens to students’ attitudes on reading after the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the purpose of my research is to see if the students who have a negative attitude towards reading are introduced to innovative reading strategies that are to improve their reading skills, then it is possible to increase the students’ attitudes as well. When teachers arm all readers with the necessary tools to combat the lack of skills, then reading becomes a positive force in the lives of the students.
To achieve the stated purpose, my action research question will be answered through a survey and pertinent findings on the attitudes of Kindergarten students concerning reading after the implementation of miscue analysis, an innovative reading comprehension strategy?
Literature Review
Slavin, Lake, Davis, and Madden provided a great article to use as a resource for my action research proposal. Research in this article shows the evidence of the success of classroom strategies used on readers who struggle who were between the ages of five and ten. Throughout this article various strategies were used in a study to test the effects for struggling readers. Strategies included one-to-one tutoring, small group tutorials, classroom instructional process approaches, and computer- assisted instruction (Slavin, Lake, Davis, & Madden, 2011). This source was very useful to my research. The different strategies used such as the classroom instructional process approaches, provided the opportunity to know that these approaches may provide a greater and positive effect on students who struggle to read.
Herold offers its insights regarding the importance of engaging parents in the literacy process that their child will endure. Beginning and Struggling Readers: Engaging Parents in the Learning Process (Herold, 2011) cites several covered portions during information session for parents including book orientation, home reading information, and phrases for reading development. Also discussed in the article is the importance of having family literacy. This article was pertinent to this research mainly because it provides examples of the author’s expert knowledge of assisting parents’ ways to provide strategies at home to advance their child’s reading, an analysis of literacy teaching and a description of students struggle in learning how to read. With this research it will provide additional methods to use in this action research.
The article, Using Peer Collaboration to Support Online Reading, Writing, and communication: An empowerment model for Struggling Readers provides a great review of putting into practice an ideal strategy for readers who struggle to use along with the Internet as a framework with the levels of language. This framework was used in three different classroom settings. The article provides great insight on the methods used to incorporate struggling readers in the learning process of literacy. This research was pertinent to this action research proposal mainly because it provided a great insight on how peer...

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