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Action Research In Cooperative Learning Essay

815 words - 4 pages

Detailed Lesson Plan in
Developmental Reading

Topic: Comprehension Strategies
(How to Improve Reading Comprehension)

* State the good study techniques that will guarantee to improve their reading comprehension abilities.
* Participate in the activity prepared by the teacher.
* Practice how to improve reading comprehension skills.

* Cartolina and pentel pen
* Chalk and board

* Developmental Reading 1, (2009), Alejandro S. Bernardo, pp. 83


Teachers’ Activity | Students’ Activity |
Good morning class.Who wants to lead the prayer before we start our lesson? I prepared here an activity which I am ...view middle of the document...

So class, based from our previous lessons. Who can recall what reading comprehension is?But my question is how can you improve your reading comprehension? First is to develop a broad background.Next is to know the structure of the paragraph.Thank you. Good writers construct paragraphs that have a beginning, middle and end. Often, the first sentence will give an overview that helps provide a framework for adding details. Also, look for transitional words, phrases or paragraphs that change the topic.Number 3 is to identify the type of reasoning.Yes it is on the author. Does the author use cause and effect reasoning, hypothesis, model building, induction or deduction, systems thinking.Next is to anticipate and predict.Really smart readers try to anticipate the author and predict future ideas and questions. If you’re right, this enforces your understanding. If you’re wrong, you make adjustments quicker.Who can give an example?Next is look for the method of organization.Next is creating motivation and interest. The stronger your interest the greater your comprehension.Pay attention to supporting cues.Study pictures, graphs and headings. No. 8 is highlight, summarize and review.Just reading a book once is not enough. To develop a deeper understanding, you have to highlight, summarize and review important ideas.No. 9 is building a good vocabulary. You might carry around a pocket dictionary and use it to look up new words.Next, Use a systematic reading technique like SQR3. Develop a systematic reading...

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