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Actions And Contributions Of Andrew Carnegie And Upton Sinclair

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Artem Ilyayev#4 During the course of U.S history, the actions and contributions of certain individuals have had an enormous impact upon American society. Andrew Carnegie, Upton Sinclair and are a few individuals that had a profound affect on the past and the present. Even though each individual had his or her own goals and ambitions, their life efforts are worth remembering. During the late nineteenth century rapid industrialization paved the way for extreme economical wealth of many business. In accordance with the overflowing wealth in the nineteenth century, many individuals held similar but yet contrasting views toward the wealth that was created in the United States. Among these individuals were Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie, the steel king, created the capitalistic tactic of vertical integration. This combined all the phases of manufacturing ...view middle of the document...

Upton Sinclair was one of the many muckrakers during the progressive period, who tried to expose the horrors that the cities had tried to cover up. Through the use of literature, he made the public aware of the unsanitary conditions with the food industry. His book entitled "The Jungle" was about an immigrant who arrives in America full of hopes and dreams in the busy, flourishing, filthy Chicago stockyards, where new world visions perish in "a jungle of human suffering". His over all efforts eventually led to the passage of the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. This was a great leap forward in the food industries; do to the fact that food would now be carefully examined before being placed on the markets. Much like Upton Sinclair, Jonas Salk was a man who improved society for the better. Jonas Salk, being one of the most important medical scientists of the century, can be paid attribution for his very successful research that has revolutionized the medical world. For instance, in late 1950s, summertime used to be a time of fear and anxiety for many parents, since it was the season when children by the thousands, were infected with the crippling disease polio. This burden of fear was lifted forever when Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine against the disease. His newfound development has had an enormous impact on American society for it saved millions of lives and has ended the suffering of thousands more. Jonas Salk is still considered a hero to many polio victims. Andrew Carnegie, Upton Sinclair, and Jonas Salk were three influential individuals who had an enormous impact upon American society. Their life efforts and contributions are worth remember and praising for they have helped humankind improve. The accomplishments of these "heros" have also inspired future generation to further continue their life's work and ideals. With this progressive process undergoing, eventually are society will become an Utopia.

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