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Active Directory And Dns Design Essay

2525 words - 11 pages

Date: April 22,2013 Prepared by: Sainath K.E.V Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

SKV Consulting is a Premier Consulting providing Enterprise solutions on designing Microsoft Technologies. SKV follows Microsoft standard frameworks and proven methodologies in designing and implementing the Infrastructure solutions. SKV has successfully performed Enterprise Infrastructure transformations including both Desktop transformations and Server transformations. SKV has proven track record of quality and delivery methodologies and provide value to its customers by reducing the Operations costs and increase the ...view middle of the document...

CLT has 2 offices ( Sydney and Melbourne ) each of the sites are hosted on specific datacenters and connected with high speed networks. CLT DNS infrastructure should be configured to establish communications between Active Directory domains, applications and users. The infrastructure should be designed on Local Namespace and Public namespaces is managed by ISP. Both branches are connected with IP VPN to Sydney datacenter. Below table shows the existing servers and Network infrastructure for both Datacenters.

CLT Network Infrastructure Cisco Router 3750x Cisco 3750 Switch x 2 Cisco 3750 Switch x 2 Cisco Fabric Interconnect x 2 Cisco UCS Blade x 2 Server VLAN 3 Server VLANs 1 Client VLAN

Description Routing internet traffic VLAN enabled and configured Stack-cabled Management Interface Server virtualization

Microsoft Infrastructure Components Primary Domain Controller Additional Domain Controller Microsoft Hyper-v Microsoft Exchange Server Child Domain Controller Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Child Domain Controller File Servers SCCM Distribution Point


Descrption Forest Root Domain Secondary Domain Controller with DNS Virtualization Stack Exchange 2010 Child domain with DNS Sharepoint Services Servers Monitoring Enterprise solution Patch Management and Software Distribution Child Domain with DNS configured DP for data access


Certificate Server DNS Namespace Local Local Local Global



Solution Diagram:

Router 3750x

3750 Switch 1

3750 Switch 2




3750 Switch 1

3750 Switch 2


Fabric Interconnect 1


Fabric Interconnect 2

Fabric Extender

Fabric Extender




Production Environment/UCS Blade

Production Environment/UCS Blade

SYDNEY Data Center

Technical Diagram:

DNS Server (FRD)

Forwarder Response

DC/DNS Server (Secondary /Domain 2)
DNS Requests (3 domains)

DNS Server (Secondary / Domain 3) Application Server User

Data Communication:
Following is the proposed DNS name resolution designed for CLT infrastructure. Active Directory Domains will be staged by SKV Consultants, and relevant DNS routing will be established between 3 domains. Any specific requirements with respect to name resolution will be managed by SKV Consultants. For intranet DNS name resolution is either performed by DNS Servers across the Active directory Forest, any Primary DNS zone configured without the Active Directory integration should be managed independently through zone file. Public Name space resolution is performed by...

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