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Active Euthanasia Essay

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Active Euthanasia

Active euthanasia is the act of killing of a living person in attempts to stop

the suffering on someone's behalf. Active euthanasia should remain illegal because of the

immorality of the acts. In looking at the definition, that will be enough to prove that

active euthanasia should not be accepted in our society.

In the first part of the definition, active euthanasia is the killing of a living person.

Despite any circumstances, a living person has the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of

happiness. By taking away the life of a living person, it takes away from the natural rights

bestowed upon us by being American citizens living under the Declaration of Independence.

If one's life is taken away from them, then they no longer have that right to life and have

therefore their rights to liberty and the pursuit of ...view middle of the document...

If people were able to just deem themselves unworthy to live in our society

and find their lives meaningless, then we as a society should help them feel more important and

loved then to use the alternative of just killing the person. Arthur J. Dyke says this best when

he discusses suffering as a normal part of the cycle of birth and death. "Suffering people need

the support of others; suffering people should not be encouraged to commit suicide by their

community, or that community ceases to be a community." People should never feel worthless, and

it is morally wrong for the people around them to let them continue to feel this way and encourage

the ending of their lives.

Doctors take an oath at the conclusion of medical school to not do any harm to their patients,

and instead, their purpose is to help those who are suffering. Active euthanasia not only allows,

but also encourages, doctors to go against this oath and harm their patients in the worst possible

way, death. It seems to give the doctor the power to play God instead of forcing them to do their

job and help preserve the patient's life for as a long as possible.

Dying with dignity is an interesting concept that can be looked at in various ways.

If someone is hooked up to a machine whose life is based solely on the use of that machine,

then many see this as not being able to die with dignity. Even those who believe this fact

though cannot successfully argue that taking one's life directly through the means of an

injection or another form of active euthanasia would be considered dying with dignity. If a

person gives into the temptation of choosing death over the pain they are suffering, then this

person cannot truly die with dignity. Dignity is when you face problems and do everything you can

to face them, and taking the easy way out by killing this person, is suicide and/or murder,

considering the circumstances. Both of those acts are immoral and illegal in our society, and

therefore active euthanasia is immoral and should not be legalized.

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