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Is this a population or a sample; explain your answer.
Randomly selecting 150 restaurants from a local area constitutes a sample, not a population. Populations in a statistical study include all things being studied, not just a selected few.

2) Determine whether the given value is a statistic or a parameter.
a) A researcher determines that 42.7% of all downtown office buildings have ventilation problems. Is this a statistic or a parameter; explain your answer.
A population parameter considers specific characteristics of an entire population. Since this assumes the researcher studied the entire population, or all, of the downtown office buildings and found a particular percentage had a ventilation problem, then this constitute be a parameter.

b) After taking the first exam, 15 of the students dropped the class. Is this a statistic or a parameter; explain your answer.
Since we do not know the number of the entire population in the study, or those students in the class originally, this would be a statistic. It summarizes the result found of 15 students dropping the class. We do not know, however, why the students dropped the class. It could be due to the first exam scores, but it could also be various other reasons, such as the cost or timing of the class.

3) Identify the type of sampling used.
a) A tax auditor selects every 1000th income tax return that is received. What type of sample is this and why?
This example would be systematic sampling because the tax auditor is selecting every 1000th income tax return. Since every submitted tax return has an equal chance of being selected, this should give the auditor a representative sample due to the fact tax returns are very similar in nature.

b) The name of each contestant is written on a separate card, and the cards are placed in a bag with three names being picked from the bag. What type of sample is this and why?
In this case, since all contestants would have their names in the selection process, this would be a simple random sampling. All contestants would have an equal chance of being drawn from the bag.

4) Is the study experimental or observation and why?
a) A political pollster reports that his candidate has a 10% lead in the polls with 10% undecided.
Experimental studies include the use of a treatment and since polling political information does not include a treatment, this study would be considered an observational study. An observation is simply measuring specific characteristics, such as for which candidate a particular voter would vote. Of course, in this case, we do not know what might have influenced or modified the voter’s selection at the time of the study.

5) Select the study that is most appropriate and EXPLAIN WHY it is most appropriate for the study.
a) Is the aspirin produced by a particular pharmaceutical company better than that of a competitor at relieving headaches? Which of the following would best be used to study this: 1) a...

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