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Activity 4.7 Case Study

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Activity 4.7 - Case Study
1. What are the business benefits to Amazon and eBay of opening up some of their databases to developers and entrepreneurs? Do you agree with this strategy? Why or why not?
Essentially I can see why Amazon and eBay opened up their databases to the aspiring developers and entrepreneurs seeing as in business friendly competition is a very beneficial thing especially in the event that the competition fails in its endeavors. Not to mention some very bright aspiring developers can benefit from such actions and make open software that these companies can get and replicate on their own websites.
However from a security stand point I see this as a gross violation of personal information and trends which are pulled from data mining and other activities not to mention the fact that crackers are skilled social engineers and have been trained to get information from people and opening up such a vast database could have serious consequences in ...view middle of the document...

Google hacking was rather popular a few years ago and Google has spent a great deal of time and money implementing safeguards against such attacks. Therefore opening up the databases would attract the masses of crackers who may use the information for malicious purposes.
I still disagree with the release of information based on what was previously stated about it being a gross violation of personal information which is stored in the databases however it appears that Google would be getting the best of both worlds in the aspect that they would be attaining the much needed refresher of services but would also be able to limit and prohibit suspicious activity seeing as they have already dealt with exploitations.
3. Should other companies follow Amazon and eBay’s lead and open up some of their databases to developers and others? Defend your position with examples of the risks and benefits to an actual company.
In my opinion I think that it would be a semi beneficial idea for some companies but could be the demise of other companies. Most companies who do not have a great deal of resources to spend on getting the technology developed by paying high dollar developers can resort to the aspiring developers to assist them in making better methodologies in their company however this would be illegal and violate HIPAA for companies that have any business in the medical field as clients information is protected by HIPAA. Therefore this type of action can result in civil lawsuits due to the information being released.
From a security standpoint this is possibly the worst idea for any business. Most businesses spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in safeguarding their information for various reasons. One major thing is the aspect of client lists can be attained and information sold to other companies in a method to garner the persons business, a tool often used by telemarketers, or product lists can be utilized to undercut another already struggling business thus monopolizing the market on certain products which is already an issue in the United States.
When answering the case study questions, use terminology from the chapter. Each answer should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. Follow the submittal instructions below when you are ready to turn in you work.

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