Acute Pain Vs Chronic Pain Essay

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Acute Pain vs Chronic Pain
Rochelle Harris
Psychology 150 OL3
March 5, 2015
Kimberly Cherry

Acute Pain vs Chronic Pain
Why people complain about pain and what is pain? Well, for one thing, it does not feel good. It can slowly appear or suddenly. Pain in any part of the body can be mild, moderate or severe. Pain can be acute or chronic. It can be sustained from on the job, car accident, compressed nerves, spasms or possible terminal ill conditions such as cancer. Whatever it is causing the acute/chronic pain it is costing billions of dollars each year. Patients are either going to chiropractor, pain management or simply getting surgeries. Everyone should not get the surgery so their physician need to know if he or she is a good candidate. Therefore, he or she should consider alternative and complementary medicine. More patients are choosing to see chiropractors, massage therapy or acupuncture. ...view middle of the document...

Patient’s sometimes explain to the doctor about their chronic pain syndrome and how he or she needs their medication every month to control the pain.
Some facilities prescribe pain medication to a patient under a pain management contract which means that the patient can’t get pain medication from any other physician or mid-level provider. Severe chronic pain also cause depression. Patient admit that they do not like being in pain or depressed so sometimes they ask for depression medication which can be a control substance and can also become addictive. Acute/chronic pain issues have become some of the most addressed medical problem in primary health. Eventually the physician has to refer the patient to an alternative medicine when the problem becomes out of control.
I have found this article to be very interesting because I experience patient’s getting upset with the physician and even the nurse when he or she can’t get their pain medication for back pain, arthritis, ALS, hepatitis C or for whatever. Some patients have become violent or even threaten to sue the physician when he or she reframes from prescribing the pain medications. It seems so strange that the patient would want to contest the issue, especially if other drugs are found during a drug screening. I believe the greatest alternative is to send the patient to pain management and let them handle the issue. Patients tend to worry about getting narcotics than worrying about an elevated blood pressure or an elevated blood sugar that could possibly send them into a coma at his or her follow-up appointment. I would like to see acute patients taking pain medication as prescribed and allow their physician to help wean them off the pain medication. If possible, chronic pain seekers should seek the alternative to help prevent the life threats that comes with taking pain medication. I understand that pain can sometimes be unbearable to patients, but when other alternatives are offered or if patient suggests other medical help just try it because it could possibly save your life.


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