Ad Influence Essay

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Brigitte Bolanos
English 100
April 20, 2014

We live in a world of consumerism thanks to advertising art, which over the last century has had some influence on our society by portraying a high standard of living. With half of the American population in credit card debt, advertising leaves an impression of positive memories and feelings that over time people’s beliefs are effected. Could it be that advertising shapes our desire for a more creative lifestyle like those portrayed in ads? In Advertising as Art Michael Schudson questions whether advertising consciously gets people to have faith and buy the advertised product, or subconsciously works when attitudes and assumptions implied in ...view middle of the document...

We are conscious of life as it is lived and life as it is pictured on commercials, but people with no perception of real life fall to the belief of the ad, to obtain the picture perfect life. Others happen to pick up the “sleeper” effect, discussed in Schudson’s work, when the consumer is ready to go buy a suit, he will see the Goodman brand in a different light and will more likely purchase it. The phrase “A Goodman finishes first” is a response to the saying ‘nice guys finish last,’ promoting that a Goodman isn’t necessarily nice. He can be the horrible boss that badgers over employees, or the jerk coworker who hits on the opposite sex. Nonetheless the ad screams success will come when wearing a Goodman suit in a conscious level.
The purpose of many advertisements is to make consumers want to buy a product so that they will 'be like' the person in the ad. The model in the ad seems he has his life figured out followed by the serenity on his face, a contributor to the unrealistic world the ad is creating. With only one button buttoned, this man has the uttermost confidence out of the entire suit wearing men in the world. Normally when sitting down the lower button has to be unbuttoned but when standing up it has to be fastened otherwise it may come off a bit rakish in a conservative work environment. The model comes off as daring by how he is wearing the suit, this form of advertisement is effective because it not only sells products but also helps people feel better about themselves. Male audiences will look at the man and think “I want to feel what this man is feeling.” Thus the attitude implied on the advertisement becomes the attitude of the men that glance at the ad, working on a subconscious level.
( REVISE ABOUT WOMEN) What makes people go buy an advertised product depends on the similarities the consumer has with the advertisement of the product. The Goodman ad will...

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