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Addition Of Vectors Essay

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I. Introduction
A vector is an arrow whose length represents the magnitude of a quantity and whose direction represents the direction of the quantity. Vectors are useful in combining velocities that are not parallel. The sum of two or more component vectors is called a resultant.
When the vectors are not at right angles to each other, the resultant is found by constructing a parallelogram. The parallelogram is constructed with the two vectors as sides. The resultant of the parallelogram is its diagonal.
Equilibrant vector on the other hand, is a single vector that would balance the original vectors taken together.
An experiment was conducted to determine the difference between using ...view middle of the document...

90     0.67     0.71     0.76     13.16
30     1.52     1.37     1.37     1.40     21.48
40     1.86     1.58     1.58     1.77     22.56
50     1.87     1.94     1.94     1.93     25.95
70     2.59     2.10     2.10     2.35     29.83
90     2.61     2.77     2.46     2.61     34.44
     Table 1 shows the mean of the time for the three trials done with the marble as well as the average speed for each measured distance. To see the relationship between time and distance more clearly, the points were plotted in a graph where the time was placed on the x-axis and the distance along the y-axis.
Tangent lines were drawn on the graph or distance against time to determine the slope that will correspond to the velocity on that time. (Graph 2)
     The velocity determined by drawing tangent lines were plotted against time on a graph. Tangent lines were again drawn to determine the slope which will correspond to the acceleration on that time.
     The resulting velocity and acceleration were as follows:
Distance (cm)     Time
(s)     Mean
Time (s)     Velocity
(cm/s)     Acceleration
(cm/s²)     Average
     1     2     3                    ...

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