Additional Epilogue To The Alchemist Essay

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Eric Poe
Miss N
31 January 2010
The Alchemist: Epilogue
“What is it, Mike?”
“You’re the head of artifactual documents. I think it’s best if you tell me.”
I turn my head to see that he’s holding a book in his latex-gloved hands. I immediately understand what’s troubling him. I can tell just by looking at the find that it is not from the mid-1100s A.D. like the other artifacts of the area.
“Have you run any tests on it yet?” I ask.
“Do we need tests? I mean, it’s pretty obvious what this could mean for this entire expedition…”
“I know, I know.” Contamination of a site is one of the worst nightmares of any person who calls himself an archaeologist. ...view middle of the document...

As I stood there and listened, one of the first things I noticed was the fact that this was a diary written by a young shepherd. That, first of all, struck me as strange: A shepherd who knew how to write. And a young one at that! I then realized how the boy used his words. It was obvious that he loved to write and that his vocabulary was massive for the time that he had lived in. The whole thing was very strange. So as Mike read on, my curiosity overcame me. I slowly let down my barriers and allowed the story to fill me.
My barriers remained down until alchemy entered the scene. “Alchemy? Are you serious?” I laughed. “This is such a waste of time.” I grabbed the book. “This, my friend,” I said, pointing to the cover, “is a work of fiction. It is someone’s silly idea of a joke.” Start packing everything up, I want to be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. I tossed the book onto the table and started packing.
The next day, we sat in the airport with several cases and waited for our flight back to America. Suddenly, a lady passed by and knocked against a bag on the suitcase next to me. The fictitious work fell out. She apologized, picked the book up off the floor, and handed it to me. I slowly took it into my hands, looked up, and...

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