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Administration Essay

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Safety and Security Risk
Contrena Wright
May 12, 2013
Dr. Shane Howell

Safety and Security Risk

Safety and security risk occurs in every industry of work. In order for Wal-Mart to
safeguard their business in safety and risk they have to initiate a good safety training assessments and have a good security plan in effect. Every risk cannot be avoid the goal is to have the right plans and strategies in effect to prevent injuries from happening. Such as robbery, theft, slip and falls, fire hazards, and employee sprains or strains.
Wal-Mart is a global retailer that sells more than one product, which means they have more than on safety and security risk assessment. Below are ...view middle of the document...

Another safety and security risk that effects Walmart is slip and falls. In the retail industry workers have accessibility to parts or areas of the store that customers do not. Even the areas where customers have access need to be cautious concerning slips and falls. Slip and falls are common in retails for employees and customers. Spills that occur in the stores should have immediate attention. Spills should be cleaned up and warning signs should be in plain sight for customers and employees. Safety procedures regarding slip and falls should be watch carefully, because it can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, head fractures, and even death.
A third safety and security risk in retailer are sprains. Sprains can occur from lifting boxes or objects that requires more than one person to lift or a specific way to lift. Walmart does provide training for safe lifting workers sometimes disregards the training lift incorrectly or sometimes lift more than the can handle. Even Walmart’s cashiers can encounter strains or sprains form standing in a clumsy position and insufficient rest. OSHA does not have a set requirement for limiting how much weight a person can lift but require that companies use guidelines for employees. The employer should set guidelines limiting employees to lift a certain amount. OSHA suggest that employer’s follow the lifting guidelines of the National Institute for Occupations Safety and Health (McKay, 2011).
The fourth risk is fire safety. This has become a problem with the company’s safety and security risk. Wal-Mart was fined by OSHA because of fire hazardous conditions such as blocked exit doors and alarms not properly working. To help with this problem Wal-Mart has decided to clear all exits doors, clear escape routes, and foreseeable mark escape routes. The escape routes should be short and direct has possible. All emergency doors will be able to open at ease, a safe meeting place for their staff is needed and proper training should be given to all employees.
Food Safety Assessment – Walmart has become so strict regarding their food products sold in their stores that all of the food supplies must pass their assessment test. Providing safe food is providing safe lives. Suppliers for Walmart and Sam’s Club must meet the Walmart Home Office Food Safety & Health department for approval before becoming a supplier. The Global Food Safety Initiative require all private brand suppliers regardless of the company size or the inherent food safety risk associate with their products request that all suppliers must be GFSI certified (Rano, 2008). Becoming GFSI certified exceeds the FDA requirements. Some...

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