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Administrative Office Procedures Essay

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Why is the job market for administrative professionals growing? What effect do you think the economic downturn of 2008-2009 had on this field? Since the economic downturn of 2008-2009 recessions, the job market for administrative professionals in on the rise. The field is anticipated to grow because administrative professionals work in areas of the economy that are expanding and generating new jobs—such as education, social service, legal service, health care, and finance. With so many jobs lost during the recession and the recent turnaround in economy, employers are looking to refill those positions.
1. Where do administrative professionals work? Name at least two factors that would be ...view middle of the document...

Good knowledge on handling office equipment and their specific functions, such as, understanding how to use the copiers, printers, fax machines, telephones, scanners, coffee machines, and computers. Also, administrative professionals are expected to be proficient with office programs, such as, Microsoft Office. In addition, this profession requires knowledge on the internet, and may possibly require learning new software used by the company.
3. Why are interpersonal and communication skills especially important for someone in an administrative assistant role? Interpersonal skills and communication skills are especially important for an administrative professional because they are the skills and attitudes that enable employees to get along with their colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems, develop respect and ultimately become strong representative for the organization. The efficiency of any organization depends, in part, upon the administrative professionals who are at the center of communications.
4. List several types of nonprofit organizations. Brainstorm some typical tasks an administrative assistant might do in each setting. There are many different nonprofit organizations, including Red Cross, Goodwill, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Habitat for Humanity. As an employee of a nonprofit organization you work to earn the business. Because nonprofits are funded through grants, donors, and charities. It is imperative that the administrative assistant knows and understands the organization’s mission and goals. They must be able to express this information to anyone, such as donors, who may need to be persuaded to donate. That income, in turn, funds services and programs that further the organization's purpose and extends its impact. They also help to maintain the organization’s membership base by sending financial reports to donors, along with thank you notes, mementos, and invitations to upcoming events. In the nonprofit sector, duties can also involve helping to organize presentations for fundraising events.
5. In a work relationship, what are the employer’s responsibilities to employees? Employers are responsible for ensuring all their employees receive the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to achieve the duties assigned to them. They should treat employees with respect, pay them fairly, and provide safe working condition.
6. How would you describe the culture of the institution in which you are taking this class? How does your class reflect this culture? The culture of Texas State Technical College is a diverse educational institution with many students that possess unique skills. This class reflects TSTC’s culture because it offers a learning opportunity for us to explore, enhance, and exercise the skills we have learned.

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