Adminstrators Challenges In Law Enforcement Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Politics and Policy in the Prison System

Politics and Policy in the Prison System

July 30, 2010

Politics vs. Policy
The importance of combining confinement with rehabilitation can be documented by the reduction of recidivism rates within a criminal justice agency as well as the prison system within the system. One must acknowledge the programs that work to reduce crime and recidivism. If the statistics are not acknowledged as an accurate depiction of current trends, the programs may become compromised and subsequently fail. In this paper, I will discuss the conflicts between political hedging and working policies within the prison system. ...view middle of the document...

The next step would include an outline of success rates directly related to the rehabilitation programs and statistics on educational reform in prisons to be sent to the governor along with a letter of opposition to his order. These actions may cause conflict between my department and the governor’s office; however, these steps are necessary to protect the stability of the prison system.
By compiling the success rates since the inception of the programs in question, I would be able to establish grounds for negotiation with the governor. I may consider bringing back the chain gang system to force inmates to break large boulders into pellets as a way to provide additional funds to cover the costs of educational and trade programs in the prison system. By using the inmates to perform a service that will generate revenue, I can relieve the state of budget issues. The governor needs to read the studies and statistics that have supported the programs as a way of combating rates of recidivism.
As stated previously. I would contact legislators to see how many support the programs currently in use. The next step would need to be contacting the wardens in each prison to inform them of the governor’s plan of action. By creating a group to support the programs, I can gain bargaining leverage with the governor. Alerting the news media could create more resistance from the governor but may be used as a last resort. I believe the importance of the educational and training programs in the prison facilities are critical to the continued reduction of repeat offenders.
I think the best way to show the success rate is to introduce success stories to the governor. By seeing firsthand the people who have benefitted from...

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