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Adobe Creative Suite Technical Paper

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Adobe Creative Suite Technical Paper

I will choose to write my paper of Adobe Creative Suite. I don’t have time to talk about them all so I will talk about the following:


Application Name:
Adobe Creative Suite
Series of software suites by Adobe Systems
“Adobe Creative Suite (CS) was a series of software suites of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made or acquired by Adobe Systems. The collections consisted of various groupings of Adobe's applications (e.g., Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects) based on various technologies (e.g., PostScript, ...view middle of the document...

[4] The Design view facilitates rapid layout design and code generation as it allows users to quickly create and manipulate the layout of HTML elements. Dreamweaver features an integrated browser for previewing developed webpages in the program's own preview pane in addition to allowing content to be open in locally installed web browsers. It provides transfer and synchronization features, the ability to find and replace lines of text or code by search terms or regular expressions across the entire site, and a templating feature that allows single-source update of shared code and layout across entire sites without server-side includes or scripting. The behaviors panel also enables use of basic JavaScript without any coding knowledge, and integration with Adobe's Spry Ajax framework offers easy access to dynamically-generated content and interfaces. Dreamweaver can use third-party "Extensions" to extend core functionality of the application, which any web developer can write (largely in HTML and JavaScript). Dreamweaver is supported by a large community of extension developers who make extensions available (both commercial and free) for most web development tasks from simple rollover effects to full-featured shopping carts. Dreamweaver, like other HTML editors, edits files locally then uploads them to the remote web server using FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV. Dreamweaver CS4 now supports the Subversion (SVN) version control system.”(Source 1)
I really enjoy using Dreamweaver, it helps speed up web development, and helps to keep sites organized. I find it better for making themes than actually in place of content management systems.

Application Name:
Graphics Editing Program
“Photoshop has been a useful tool for graphic designers to create artwork conveniently and aesthetically. For example, design studios can use Photoshop in order to visualize their take on an initial concept and then move onto different media to complete the concept….
Quick Selection
The quick selection tool selects areas based on edges, similarly to the magnetic lasso tool. The difference between this tool and the lasso tool is that there is no starting and ending point. Since there isn’t a starting and ending point, the selected area can be added onto as much as possible without starting over. By dragging the cursor over the desired area, the quick selection tool detects the edges of the image. The “marching ants” allow the user to know what is currently being selected. Once the user is done, the selected area can be edited without affecting the rest of the image.”(Source 2)
Photoshop is great and has many features like the following: pen tool, selection tool, cropping tool, slicing tool, moving tool, marquee tool, lasso tool, quick selection tool, magic wand tool, eraser tool, many more. I won’t go through every single tool, but suffice to say there are plenty that are very useful.

Application Name:

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