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Adolescence Essay

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Student Activity 3

I would have to say that my temperament as an adult is easy. I am a pretty easy going person. I don't get too upset about much. I am patient and generally quiet. I think I am too easy going at times and have a hard time expressing my feelings.

My sister is ten years older and she took care of me a lot. My mom worked nights and my dad was home, but he worked all day and he was tired, so my sister was left up to the task of taking care of me. She said, and these are her terms, that I was a "brat". I was very fussy as a baby, possibly had some issues with colic. I rarely slept through the night. My mom would get off work at three in the morning and I would usually still be awake.

I think that I had a an insecure attachment with my mother ...view middle of the document...

I would always get her into trouble. She was very quiet and shy and an easy target for me. I think because of having eight kids in the family, I was starving for attention, positive or negative. At least they knew I existed. By my teen years, I was still in the difficult child phase. I ran with a wild crowd, skipped school and got into lots of trouble. Then at 17, I got pregnant.

When I had my first child, he was just like me. He was a difficult child as an infant. He also had colic and rarely slept thorough the night. I think that is when I started to really change in temperament. I had to be patient and understanding. He was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two years old and I got to see the world very differently. I had to learn how to give unselfishly.

I don't really know how my temperament compares to my siblings. My oldest sister was very loyal and was easy going, and my little sister was very quiet and shy, she was more of a slow to warm up child. I did a lot of her communication for her. All she had to do was point and I knew what she wanted. But I think for the most part, my other siblings were just as rambunctious as me.

The advantages of my temperament now is that I have the patience and empathy to deal with situations. The biggest disadvantage would be that, because I am mild mannered and quiet, people mistake me for an easy mark. I get taken advantage of from time to time. I always am afraid of hurting peoples feelings. I think I may be too passive. I think it would be good to have a small piece of all three temperaments in life.

I am not sure if temperament is nature or nurture, or both. I do think that it is gender specific in most cases, but not all. I do think that boys and girls are treated differently growing up.

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