Adolescent Case Study

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Case Study #2


Aaron Everhart

Presented to Dr. Johnny Baker
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
Counseling the Adolescent and Their Families
PACO 620_D01

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Lynchburg, VA
17 April 2013

Connie is a very normal Christian teenager trying to find balance between her relationship with God, her parents, and her friends. She wants so much to be accepted by her peers and she is feeling like there may be more to life than what the church has to offer. She is exploring the different avenues of her life for the answer to the question, “who am I?”
Dr. Les Parrott tells the story of Connie in his book, ...view middle of the document...

It is significant that the counselor was able to allow the Holy Spirit to work in Connie’s heart and lead her to see and admit the real reason behind the changed behavior in her life. It was a strong step towards a solution in her life, and put her parents in the position to help Connie. Now that the truth is available to them, they can be an active part of the solution by communicating with Connie even when it is difficult.
There are some questions that arise after reading the scenario of Connie. While her parents took swift action, why did it take a drinking party for them to see that there was a problem? Having a two teens in my house, I am learning quickly that if we don’t pay attention to little things, and work hard to keep them talking, they can very quickly shut us out, and the little things become big. Parrott points out, “Peer pressure is not a phenomenon that suddenly occurs in adolescence”, there were probably some little signs Connie was showing, that her parents missed. Another question is, “What was next for the counselor? He identified the problem, did he end the counseling there? What did the role of the parents become, now that the truth was out there? There is no mention of any Spiritual part of the counseling process. How her relationship with Christ deepened through the counseling process?
If Connie was a student in my ministry
Peer pressure is often seen as a very negative part of the adolescent time of life, and it can be, but I had a professor in college who often said, “In order to remove something unhealthy from your life, you must replace it with something healthy.” For Connie, it seem like everything was in place for her to cruise through her teen years. She had good parents, she had a church family, and she knew Christ. Somehow it wasn’t a good enough story for her to want to be a part of. She was searching for something better, or just different. When Connie’s mom called and asked if I would talk with her, they had just found out she had been partying and drinking with some friends, I was a little surprised, but not shocked, she had shown some signs that she was working through some stuff. She had pulled away from her friends at church; she had been coming on Sunday, but had missed the last several small group meetings, and was more and more involved with friends from school. She even had brought a few to church with her.
Session 1
I first met with Connie after church, the Sunday after she was caught drinking. We talked a few minutes about school, she attends the same school as my son so it was a connection point, and even though I have known her since middle school, it was obvious that she was not really happy to have to be talking to me in this situation. My goal of session one was to “pinpoint the severity” of the problem, and to assure Connie that I am not here to judge her or talk at her, but to work with her. I decided to give her the...

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