Adolf Hitler How He Came To Power And How He Used It, In Which It Brought Him To A Fall

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Adolf Hitler was a man who used his position in politics to his advantage and brought his country and the world to disaster. He used violence, bloodshed and the power of speech to win people over. To most Germans at the time when he was in charge he was a good leader. I will explore his past and family, what he was like and what he was like when he raised to power.Adolf Hitler was a man that rose to power by his persuasive speeches and caught the interest of many people. When he began the Nazi party of just a couple hundred the Great Depression would soon come and that would be the place were he would rise. In 1929 the firsts effects of the Great Depression were felt. The current government ...view middle of the document...

Nazi authorities now ran the economy, the media and culture. He made the people dependent on his government. There were thousands of anti Nazis taken to concentration camps but still everyone supported Hitler. In the schools students were taught Nazi ideology, and youths with spare time would be drawn to the Hitler Youth and Nazi-Led League of German Girls. The goal to come from all of this was to get the people involved into the party at a young age. The Nazi Party soon was into total control of the country in the summer of 1933. Latter that year Hitler initiated the elimination of the Aryan race and other races that he saw substandard and risky to the Germans. The first biased laws against Jews rose; these banned then from attending universities and government related work. Latter they were unable to own vehicles, banned from other jobs, they lost their property and were thrown out of public schools. When Nazi mobs started to kill Jews in their neighborhoods and streets, the Jews were sent to concentration camps while hundreds of thousands other Jews fled the country.Hitler began to build powerful and huge armies. His plans of conquest would be in four separate wars. He would begin against Czechoslovakia, which he thought would put up little struggle. The second war would be against Britain and France and he figured it would be the most difficult one. The third war would against the USSR and he figured it would be simple. He could use the resources from the conquest of the USSR for the fourth war against the United States. He believed that fighting the USA would also be easy but he would need to prepare well in advance due to the distance between the two countries. Later realizing domestic unrest, Hitler treated the German workers carefully...

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