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Adult Adhd Essay

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Running head: ADULT ADHD

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Theresa D. Tolbert
PSY 692
Dr. David Hodges
September 19, 2012

After reading about the increase in diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I wondered how ADHD affects lives of adults who have the disorder but have never received any treatment? I also wonder how ADHD affects adult relationships? This topic was of interest because I believe my sister has ADHD. She is a very bright and caring woman but she just cannot seem to get or keep her life on track.
The diagnosis of ADD and ADHD is running rampant. The known signs and symptoms of ADHD can be easily spotted in children but have also been ...view middle of the document...

Dysthymia lasts for two years or longer.
The specific topics expected to be researched are: Regularities of adult ADHD, Cognitive functions of ADHD, The effects ADHD has on adult lives, How ADHD affect adult relationships, and medications for adult ADHD. The research questions expected to be answered are:
* How does one acquire ADHD?
* How can one find more diagnosis criteria for adult ADHD?
* What type of treatment is used for adult ADHD?
* How can ADHD treatment affect the lives of individuals with it and others associated with them?
* Has this research been conducted and if so what were the results?
* How can this research be used to help individuals with ADHD to take the important step to seek help?
One important piece of knowledge gained from this research will be that adult ADHD is not uncommon and receiving help is not complicated. Many individuals with untreated adult ADHD feel hopeless and like they have failed in life. The information provided in this research will prove to patients that they are not failures and there is help for them. Research will be done to identify the different types of ADHD treatment as well. It will be stated what the treatments are and how they are being used by adult ADHD patients. Percentages of ADHD treatment success will be provided as well.
The purpose of this research is to bring light to adult ADHD. It is hoped that this research will encourage individuals with adult ADHD to come forth and seek help for this disorder. No one should be...

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