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The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive analysis on the adult health based on logical concepts of mobility and oxygenation. The emphasis is rather focused on old patients who have locomotive problems. These old patients can no longer engage in massive physical activities. The reduced activities may be due to various physical impairments. In a situation where the patient is suffering from hypertension and angina, the best medical practice shift to oxygenation.
The paper gives a close analysis to a patient by the name Danilo Ocampo. The patient is a ...view middle of the document...

Mobility can as well be as a result of changes in a person’s body as they age. This is due to loss of muscle strength and mass characterized by less mobile and stiffer muscles. The gait changes can also affect a person’s balance. Mobility is crucial to maintenance of independent living among seniors. The moment mobility is affected, a person’s activities of daily living is affected too.
Risk factors
Physical impairment may be as result of very many factors. The physical disability that one experiences may either be congenital, or due to fractures. Other causes may include muscle dystrophy, cerebral palsy, amputation, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary disease, and heart diseases among others. The most attributable risk factor to the old patients is mainly characterized by muscle dystrophy. These are groups of genetic diseases that are characterized by progressive weaknesses and the degeneration of a person’s skeletal or voluntary muscle used to control movements. Adult population is mostly associated with myotonic muscular dystrophy.
Persons with physical impairment may experience deficits in motor and fine motor functioning, locomotor and non-locomotor functioning. There is also a deficit in cognitive, adaptive and social behavior skills and impairment of language, vision, hearing or other sensory areas. Due to muscle stiffness and spasticity, the patients may need help with learning and daily activities. They are usually characterized by a limited range of motion and reluctance to attempt movement. The person may experience pain, discomfort, anxiety, or depression. Such individuals can also have musculoskeletal or neuromuscular impairment as well.
However mobility risk factors may be grouped into interpersonal, environmental, and organizational risk factors. Interpersonal risk factors related to mobility include advanced old age, low socio-economic status, comorbidity, lack of motivation. This usually led to dependant personality and high level of lack of self efficacy. It also entail the lifestyle factors that may be characterized by high rate of smoking, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. The physiological factors may involve vitamin D deficiency, inflammation and poor nutritional status (Adamson, 2003).
Oxygenation concept
This is the addition of oxygen to the system which may include the human body. In the context of ocampo, oxygenation is mainly done to improve the level of oxygen concentration in the tissues. This is done due to the cardiovascular diseases or impairment he is suffering from. Conditions like hypertension and myocardial disorder are known to reduce level of oxygen in the blood. The cause of weakness of oxygen in the blood may be due to lack of better nutrition that the body requires to build red blood cells. In ocampo situation, this may be a necessary cause due to lack of proper nutritional uptake. The deficiency can be attributed to the fact there is no one responsible for checking on his meals and the fact that the wife...

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