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Adult Nutritional Requirements Essay

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Adult Nutritional Requirements
Team D
Kim Steele
Zamin Bacchus
David Stilchen
Rachel Weaver
Verron Shimaoka

University of Phoenix
Kay Ach

Adult Nutritional Requirements
Nutrition and physical activity play an immense role in contributing to the quality of life and the prevention of disease for all stages of life, especially in adulthood. Within the adulthood stage, this range can be further subdivided due to specific needs and requirements in more specific ranges. Energy intake as well as energy output must be balanced to maintain a healthy weight. Chronic lifestyle diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes are prevalent at this stage of life which is often ...view middle of the document...

However, if food consumption is reduced to the equivalent of physical activity, micronutrient intake may be inadequate endangering nutritional status” (Holmes, 2008). Most adults fall into two simple categories; trying to lose weight or trying to stay healthy as they age in addition to slowing the aging process. Primary considerations for an adult between 20 and 40 deal with a healthy diet; consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and a balance between vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. The difference between losing weight and maintaining or gaining lean muscle dictates caloric intake requirements. Predominantly, the eating habits of most young adults are carried over from their childhood.
The learned values of a healthy lifestyle can allow an adult of any age to make life changes that reverse certain negative implications of an unhealthy diet such as lowering calorie intakes from fatty foods to reduce obesity. Introduction of strength training and cardiovascular exercises strengthen the body’s ability to handle stress and burn fat. As an adult nears the age of 40, depending on the previous 20 years of living, certain considerations must be addressed in order to prepare the body for the elderly years, between 60 and 90. A balanced diet needs to include the nutritional requirements that are normally not acquired from a hectic lifestyle, excessive workload, added family responsibilities, and possible health concerns for adults that have been diagnosed with diseases from previous years of living unhealthy or inherited. As an adult grows older, the basic functions of nerve velocity conduction, basal metabolic rate, work rate, cardiac output, vital capacity of lungs, and maximum breathing capacity reduce significantly with every year. Certain nutritional needs early on in the years between 20 and 40, if not met, can increase common health problems associated with heart failure, cancer, and diabetes; nearly all can be directly contributed to obesity. In a recent survey conducted by the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, obesity was the number one similarity between the gathered analysis from this study compared to that of the US National Health and Nutrition Surveys; participants ranged from 20 to 88 years old. Of the final statistics, less than .5% were considered underweight, 23% were considered normal weight, 35% were considered overweight, and 41% were considered obese using the BMI standard (Nothwehr, 2008). The nutritional values associated with each age group should be obtained in a balanced manner to support an individual’s calorie intake. One significant change required is a reduction in calories over 60 years of age since the body has more difficulty breaking down and receiving the nutrients from solid food sources. As a result, supplements may be required to ensure adequate intake of both micro and macro nutrients. Following a healthy lifestyle can ensure benefits for anybody, from 20 years old well into...

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