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Advanced Access 2003

Command Buttons
Status Bar Text
Tool Tip text
Startup Options
Creating a Macro to
open a Form
with several Actions
with Conditions
reating the Dialog Box
Creating Querya and Forms
Creating and attaching the Macro

This workbook is aimed at helping persons who wish to develope a simple database to mange their scjhool information or any student who is working on their project or students who are doing databae mangement at secondary school level.

Calculated Controls
A Calculated Control uses an expression to obtain its information. An expression is a combination of operators such as = and +, Control Names, Functions and constant ...view middle of the document...

For example, a calculated Control based on the Salary field could have a Format Property of Currency and Decimal Places Property of 2.

Combo Boxes
A Combo Box is a Control which will allow new values to be entered or a value to be chosen from a drop-down list that is displayed once it is selected.
The drop-down list in a Combo Box consists of rows of data. which can have one or more columns, which can appear with or without headings. When a particular row is selected by the user, the value in the first column is entered into the box itself. Combo Boxes can be created by either looking up the values from a Table, or by entering the values which are to be viewed in the Combo Box.
Helpful Hint
If a Control on a Form is bound to a Lookup Field, the Lookup Properties from the Table will be carried forward to the Form Control and these Properties include creating a Combo Box.

Bound Combo Boxes
If a Combo Box is linked to a specific Field (Control Source).
The values in the drop-down list can either be looked up from a Table or Query or typed in as a Value List.

Creating a Combo Box which Looks up Values in a Table or Query
Use the Control Wizard in design view.
Click on the Combo Box icon
Click and draw the Combo Box on the form.
The Combo Box Wizard will be displayed.
Select I want the combo box to look up values in a table or query :
Click on the Tables, Queries, or Both button to display a list of Tables and/or Queries:
Select the Table or Query that is to provide the values for your Combo Box
Select the Fields that contain the values you want included in your Combo Box the the add button to add to combolist.
Select Store that value in this field and click Next.
Finally type in a name for your Combo Box and Finish.

Creating a Combo Box based on a Value List
Repeat the first four steps
Select I will type in the values that I want.
Type in the number of columns you want for your list, then type in the values you want to display
Click Next.
Select Store that value in this Field and choose the Field in which you wish to store the data from the drop-down list.
In the final box, type in a name for your Combo Box and Finish.

Unbound Combo Boxes
ombo Boxes can be created to find records based on selections from the Combo Box.
a Combo Box with a drop-down list displaying Surname and First Name could be used to find a record for a specific student on a Form.
When creating these Combo Boxes, it is best to include the Primary Key field in the Combo Box as one of the columns.
Creat a Combo Box which Looks up Values in a Table or Query
Instead of selecting I want the Combo Box to look up the values in a Table or Query,
Select Find a record on my form based on the value I selected in my combo box.
Ensure that one of the fields you select is the Primary Key.

Editing an existing Combo Box
Once a Combo Box has been created using the Wizard, it...

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