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Advanced Soybean Oil Processing Huatai Soybena Oil Equipment

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Soybean oil processing process
 1. The leaching process of soybean t
clean up, broken and softening - rolling stock - into the dip material to save material box, closed cage - leacher - thick mixed oil
2. The mixed oil processing technology
Filter to mix the oil storage tank, the evaporator to the second evaporator and stripping tower, hair oil

3. The hair oil refining process
To hydration net oil, vacuum deodorization and filter net oil
Preheat to add water hydration, and let stand for precipitation separation - │ soybean oil foot - heat - and salting-out precipitation - recycling soybean oil
The process

1. Rolling billet is the key to pretreatment, related to the oil yield and quality ...view middle of the document...

1.Choose non-toxic solvent, requiring them to have certain volatile oils, chemical stability, no inflammable, explosive, narrow boiling range, small water solubility, no corrosion machine, does not react with a cake.
3. Grasp the steaming machine operation.In pulp material into the steaming machine, when the first layer for meal contains more solvent, temperature shoulds not be too fast, too high, to control in 65-75 ℃ advisable;The second layer temperature control at about 85 ℃.The first and second injection steam directly, at the same time of solvent evaporation, destroy harmful to the activity of enzymes.Direct steam injection quantity for 5-6 kg/ton.The third to the last layer, interlayer heating, the effect of drying materials, temperature 100-105 ℃, steaming time, about 40 minutes or so, wet meal after drying the evaporation of water and solvent mixture steam, mainly from the highest layer at the top of the outlet pipe to rule out, with a small amount of the end of the meal (excluding those at the end of the meal to solvent condensation and recovery system safety equipment).The dry dry pulp, are exported from the dryer the bottom out (excluding dry pulp containing moisture 18-20%), storage temperature below 40 ℃.
4. The mixed oil processing process should strictly control the temperature.Bullishness of 2 Tim, mixed oil concentration did not reach evaporation operation requirements and, when it should be part of the mixed oil evaporation continue to cycle.
5. Is refined in order to make the composite edible soybean oil products quality standard.In the refining of high temperature hydration processing note: adding water, preheat soybean oil temperature for 55-75 ℃.Water spray can be used directly heating steam, water or steam, water, and the three methods.Leaching of soybean phosphatide content in oil of MAO as a 3-4%, and add water to phospholipid content of 2-3.5 times, the water...

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