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Advancements In Technology That Help Children With Disabilities

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Advancements in Technology That Help Children with Disabilities

Over the past few decades there have been major advancements in technology, especially technology that helps children with disabilities in learning and participating in the classroom. Three recent technologies being used are the cochlear implant, the Fluency Master, and the FM System. Each one helps children with special needs become able to learn and participate in school as well as children without disabilities their age.

The cochlear implant is a device used by profoundly deaf people. “About 6,000 individuals have had cochlear implants, since the late 1980’s. The cochlear implant is the first, and still the only ...view middle of the document...

This membrane distributes vibrational energy longitudinally by frequency: The lowest frequencies cause maximum membrane motion near the cochlea’s apex; the highest frequencies maximize motion near the base. Four parallel rows of hair cells extend along the length of the basilar membrane and, when vibrated, elicit electrical activity on the auditory nerve fibers” (Hear). The cochlear implant is a large advancement in technology and one that has greatly improved the lives and well being of so many children. School and learning is now much easier for them and they are able to have friends and socialize in an easier way. It has allowed them to become what ever they want to be because their inability to hear is no longer a large obstacle in their lives.

The Fluency Master is a device designed to help people who stutter have more fluent speech. School age children make up most of the stuttering population and are very affected by the problem. It is a very embarrassing problem that can affect all areas of a child’s life. “The Fluency Master can control stuttering and significantly enhance the speech fluency of most people who stutter” (National). The results of using the Fluency Master can be dramatic. “The Fluency Master reduces stuttering by modifying physical factors that affect speech, giving the brain the ability to more effectively control the movement of speech muscles” (National). It works by fostering “better hearing of the natural vocal tone associated with speaking. Vocal tone consists of a ‘buzz’ that is generated by vibrations of the vocal folds in the larynx, and is transferred to the ears through the soft tissues, cartilage, and bones of the throat and skull” (National). The Fluency Master amplifies the vocal tone by using a microphone and ear piece, enhancing fluent speech. So far the Fluency Master has reported “an 80 percent rate of lasting success in 200 persons” (National) who stutter. “The Fluency Master can control stuttering and produce fluent speech in children as young a six years old” (National). If a child can stop stuttering, they will then be able to lead a better life. It will be easier for them to make friends because they will not have to worry about their peers laughing at them or getting impatient or annoyed when they try to communicate. When they do not understand something the teacher says they will not hesitate to ask a question. The will also be able to work in groups more efficiently. When a child can stop their stuttering problem it opens up a whole new world of communication to them.

The Fm System is another fairly new technological device that can help children with disabilities. This device is mainly used in the classroom or in a situation where the child has to hear an instructor from a distance or a room full of people. Children in these situations can benefit from the FM System better than they would a hearing aid because the FM System blocks out all the un-important background...

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