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Advances Of Computer Mice This Report Tells You Who First Made The Computer Mouse And How Technology Has Advanced At Made These Mice Better

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Advances of Computer MiceThe Definition of Technology is the scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective. The uses of this technology are to make your hand more comfortable and the mouse to work better.Every year technology gets better; the designs get cooler and more! In 1968 Douglas Engelbart made the first mouse. It was made of wood and was twice the size of a hockey puck. This paved the way to graphical user interface and a way to transform the way we people use computers. Throughout the years of computer software and hard ware have changed drastically yet today the mouse is not much different from when it was first made. Only now is the mouse ...view middle of the document...

Cats, Tigers, Dogs, Mice, Birds, Anything! They also have ones that that is just a flat metal piece, that you just run your finger on. It is for people who have health problems, People who cannot close their own hand without pain. My Aunt Carol who has MS owns one of these cool finger pointers. She can now use her computer without the help of her husband.The older version is soon to become an Endangered species. Not many people own the gray plain slightly larger version mouse. Every one has a newer designed mouse. Even my family has a Pink mouse that says my name. And my computer is a 1995 model. It is old and can barely hold more then two files on it. Yet it has that snazzy pink mouse that makes it seem more new. The pink mouse has a sensor and a little scroll wheel; it also has a switchable cover. We also have a blue one with my fathers name and a yellow one with my mothers name on it. We also have one that has a picture of my cat photo copied on it.The guy who started all this mouse usage was Douglas Engelbart. He made the mouse in 1968. The casing that was twice the size of a...

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