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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work Based Learning

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Advantages and disadvantages of work based learning

Education is one of the corner stone’s for social improvement, the form the education comes in, varies from the high achiever in the academic world that leads to a university education. Next in line to that is those who attained grades that will get them accepted to a college for further education that will lead to a specific qualification in an industry of their choice with awards, from an awarding body that is recognised on a local as well as national level and is supported by government funded agencies, college also provides further education for students serving apprenticeships in a wide spectrum of trades that ...view middle of the document...

The work based training has many advantages but the first must be the employment opportunities for members of groups that were underrepresented in scientific, engineering and training fields. These include women, minorities, and the handicapped, but with the arrival of particular acts of government “sex discrimination, race relation and more recently the disability discrimination act” work based training created opportunities for all walks of life regardless of race creed or affliction. Where there are a minority there is a possibility of reluctance to join in or in some cases get acceptance to the “group” these barriers are over come in teacher lead training. In 1962 the then prime minster H Wilson spoke of forging a New Britain in the heat of the technology revolution and the up skilling of the workforce this view was reinforced in 1993 by Ainley in a modernising economy education and training must raise the skills of all workers from the bottom up.... education and training will then integrate rather than separate mental and manual labour. In contrast to this Roberts’s et-al1994 argued that this level of training would make employment too expensive and would result in redundancy. When government policy came into force and work based training was accepted by all major industries. The main advantage was a higher skilled workforce that could adapt to ever improving technology .This could be related to (R H Tawneys 1922) line of thinking “what is good enough for the sons of the masters is good enough for the workers.” Work based learning allowed the working classes who did not achieve qualifications whilst in school to attain a better paid position and in most cases an industry recognised certification the disadvantage to this was that the process was funded by the government and this proved difficult in the early years as the funding resources fluctuated depending on the state of the economy, the regional representatives (MPs) party views In the early 1960s employees relied on the state to provide all training in technical colleges the employer would however grant the trainee a day release from the work place this soon became referred to as the “ stop gap” by the critics of the scheme The most memorable of the work based government training scheme...

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