Advantages Of Being A Singleton Essay

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ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Advantages of Being a Singleton


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Nowadays, more people choose solo living. It seems a positive development in many respects. Solo living means people live on their own. I think it is a positive development.

1. Living alone could protect people’s privacy well
a) No room shared. Enough private space
b) No ...view middle of the document...

The first benefit of solo living is that people have more private and personal space to do everything individually. They are not worried about their diaries or letters would be stole a glance or their important telephone conversations would be heard. Also, there are no arguments with families or roommates when people are living on their own. Young people do not suffer the domination from parents, tell parents where they are going to, and whom they have relationship with. Still, living alone is helpful to avoid quarrels which are caused by oppressive lifestyles and habits from roommate. For example, if people are used to go to bed early, they would not bear their roommates who are so excited to sing songs or call someone loudly at night. Therefore, solo living does protect individuals’ privacy and offer personal space well.
Living alone is also a good idea to change people’s mind to pay more attention to themselves than their families, friends, or roommates, and to enjoy their own life. People are empowering when they are living on their own. They can control their living environment. One example of this is that they could put their couches along the wall, nearby beds or throw them out without objection. Moreover, in a solo living lifestyle, people will be social or solitary as they want. They do not need to tell the roommates or families everything just for gratifying their curiosity. In addition, people have a quiet...

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