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Advantges And Disadvantages Of Early Married

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Early marriage is the one of the tradition from our great grandmother generation and now as we all see our generations always practice it in their life. We can see have many early marriage at this time. That means our generation not forget the traditional from their great grandmother. The younger now think they want to be like their great grandmother like marriage until die, life in happier and don’t have many conflicted so they want to life like that. For them early marriage is the one of the solution that can give them life in happier with their partner. They don’t realize that are many advantages and disadvantages in early marriage. ...view middle of the document...

He must to think a lot of money to use from the baby born until they grow. For the girls, she should have the enough knowledge to raise their baby. Becoming young parents means that they must have to act like mature parents for the newborn and ready to face all the challenges. There are big responsibilities that the young parent should pay attention.
Early marriages are not only has disadvantages but they also have advantages. One of them is ready to become parents anytime. When they marriage early they have a long time to think about to complete their organization of family. They still can plan when they should pregnant, they can take how much time they want not like a late marriage. They have a short of time to think about the baby. In that case, they have many time to spent together and understanding each other closely.
After that, the early marriage can avoid us from doing adultery. In this era globalization we have many challenges that we cannot control it by ourselves. So many things can happen if we cannot control it. That’s why now we have many...

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