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Adventurers Essay

617 words - 3 pages

Fortini 1

Craig Fortini

Miss Gibbons

English 12

21 Feb. 2014


Heroes are the basis of goodness on the Earth. Their lives are action-packed and

filled with magic. Each and every day, they devote themselves to living off-the-edge and

doing great deeds. In many Norse and Greek epics, the heros are always on the side of

good and always facing evil forces. Heroes in any story live their lives with bravery,

passion, and determination.

A hero brings upon themselves a strong sense of bravery. They put themselves on missions and quests for the sake of being a hero. Most of these quests are very dangerous and deadly. Some are done not for any real prize, but for the fact that it is the right thing to do. A hero will take on any opponent that stand in their way. They ...view middle of the document...

They would do their best to gain the trust and acceptance with these people. They would be very passionate to the ones they love and are very close too. They would swear to them that they would do their best to return from every quest alive and with the Gods and glory wrapped up in a cloak of praise and accomplishment. That hero would then promise to keep them alive and well for the future. The hero’s passion for the deeds they do is embedded within the hero’s spirit. They know it’s their duty to help the people and save people. Many heroes wish for glory so they send themselves upon quests and missions to earn this glory.

A hero’s determination helps define them in their lives. Each and every hero vows to finish their missions and quests. They wish for honor and glory so, without a doubt, they will go on any mission. These heroes want to feel accepted and trusted by the people so their missions are their only hope to gain that. Heroes want to fight for the good so they will protect the people that are in harm’s way. These heroes are able to tell who is innocent and
Fortini 3

who is not so they know who they are going to protect. In any circumstance however, they will protect their friends at any cost. Heroes are a force of goodness to defeat the evil and hate. They are the ones who save many from harm and possible elimination of an entire village of people.All of these people are able to live better lives because there are heroes defending them with righteousness and justice.

In many stories of heroes, they all contain bravery, passion, and determination. Like many heroes, they all are the representation of goodness and righteousness. Their time out in the world, killing evil and helping innocent people, is what defines them as a true hero. The heroes of the past are the ancestors of the heroes we know today. All of the people that we hear about in these stories, they are the saviors of the common man.

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