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Adversity Essay

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To persevere is to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement and continue consistently. Hosseini demonstrates through the perseverance of Mariam and Laila, how the inner strength of Afghan women allows them to endure difficult situations including forced marriages, lack of educational opportunities and and Taliban restrictions. A Thousand Splendid Suns, written by Khaled Hosseini is a story of two young afghan women, Laila and Mariam, who face and overcome many tragedies and live in a country ruined by political oppression and war. Both Mariam and Laila have endured so much heartache partially because they are women, but yet have managed to have pulled together ...view middle of the document...

Marriage is the union of two people who love each other and wish to be in a committed partnership with one another. Marriage should not be forced on anyone who does not wish, however; the women in the book, Mariam and Laila are both married off at a very young age to the same man, who is twice their age. In Mariam's case, she was a burden to her family and so they just took the first offer for her. "Rasheed is here, in Herat; he has come all the way from Kabul. The man will be tomorrow morning, and then there is a bus leaving for Kabul at noon". Mariam was not even consulted in whether or not she wanted to marry Rasheed, The other woman in the book, Laila, had no choice but to marry Rasheed. Laila had no body left to take care for her, all her friends and family had died or moved because of war. She had to think of her baby and to avoid the shame of being an unwed mother. Laila agreed to marry Rasheed, who was eager to have a young and attractive second wife. "I am too old. Too old for you to do this to me. For you after all these years, to make me an ambagh". This was heart breaking for Mariam, for her husband to marry another woman, after she had spent her youth trying to be a good wife to him. "I wouldn't have fed you and washed you and nursed you if I'd known you were going to turn around and steal my husband" (Hosseini 226). Mariam feels Laila is stealing her husband; she is upset and jealous of the new bride. Rasheed went as far as selling of his first wedding ring for a new and more expensive ring for Laila. Mariam and Laila are equally in the same situation in regards to being in a marriage with a man they don't love, however through the difficult condition they face on a daily basis from their abusive husband Rasheed. they overcome obstacles each day as their inner strength begins to grow and realize they deserve a better life With the support of one another, both women learn to persevere Rasheed's mistreatment and find a way to get out in the end even if it's to sacrifice their own lives.

The book shows two stories about education that most women in Afghanistan go through. It is shown that Mariam was born to a poor background and was raised up by a bitter mother named Nana. Nana didn't let Mariam do anything because she was worried that she would lose her. "What's the sense schooling a girl like you? It's like shining a spittoon. And you'll learn nothing of value in those schools". Mariam wanted to learn but Nana refused to give her an education therefore when Nana died, Mariam had no choice but to marry Rasheed. Laila on the other hand had more stable background and an encouraging father. "I know you're still young, but I want you to understand and learn this now. Marriage can wait, education cannot. You're a very, very bright girl". Laila's father believed in her and allowed her to...

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