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Alainey Smith
English 161
When it comes to self esteem, advertisement has the biggest effect on people; women in particular. Television commercials, internet ads, and even clothing advertisements send messages about how women “should” look. After seeing someone look so perfect on TV or in a magazine it can give a girl unrealistic expectations thus making her feel bad about herself. Jean Killbourne, speaker about how women are sexualized says, “Well, what does advertising tell us about women? It tells us, as it always has, that’s what’s most important is how we look” (Killbourne).
We live in an age overwhelmed with advertisement; it has gone as far as making food sexual and TV ...view middle of the document...

Young women are idolizing media images and trying to imitate them, this in turn, is causing a negative effect on individualism. Girls shouldn’t grow up with the mindset that they want to be just like the models in the magazines and commercials. Most women are unable to meet these standards for numerous reasons causing unhappiness and distress. When the original Barbie doll came out in the early 1960s it was meant as a child’s toy. The doll inspired many young girls because she was a woman and not a baby doll. Barbie also gave young girls an idol since she was beautiful and popular. It all seemed great at first until her reputation became something that wasn’t a good thing for the body image of young girls. That just proves that society and the media have been setting standards of what is considered beautiful for years, and women are trapped by those standards. Women go to such lengths to get to the Barbie image, and many of them resort to unhealthy methods to reach that weight loss goal. Young girls obsess over the advertisement’s image of beauty, which is tall, skinny, and with an hourglass figure. Women have gone to such extreme lengths such as deflating their thighs, inflating their breast, getting cancer from too much sun and falling from having too tall of high heels just to feel beautiful. Jib Fowles, writer of Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals says, “The pressures of the real world create strong retaliatory feelings in every functioning human being” (559).
Eating disorders are something that a majority of young girls come in contact with at some point in their lives. Today, dieting is starting at an even younger age and it’ll...

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