Advertisement Drama Essay

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Characters:Nerd: DanielBeautiful girl: rostellHandsome bullier: adorrahPretty boygirl: dayapDaddy R: reyenMommy E: ethelScientist sweet: DareneScientist scent: AprilynMore characters[Scene 1]All the students inside the room will start to tease the nerd as he enters the room(The nerd will sit down and put his eyes on the beautiful girl that will come in..)Beautiful Girl: Uhm.. excuse me can I sit beside you. (smells something fishy) Yuck!! Its like toilet here. (then go to other place)Nerd: Oh men! I forgot to get her number. Why did ...view middle of the document...

Nerd: No, dad its me. Im the one who smells like a stinky fish, dead rat and an air pollutant, blame it on me (sobs)Mommy E: oh my poor son come here (brings out a box present)Nerd: present!Mommy E: Yes! (bring out the lacpad deospray). After you take a bath, use this 2 in 1 Lacpad deospray to smell sweet like rose and become as cool as an ice!Nerd: Thanks momDaddy R: You know son, that's my secret how I got your mother (winks)[Scene 4]The nerd will take a bath, wear clothes and use lacpad (while taking a bath the scintist will explain then exit)[Scene 5]Setting: classroomThe bulliers will start to bully the nerd but..Pretty boygirl: Stop it! He is not smelly anymore and in fact he smells good now not like you (pointing handsome bullier), you are starting to smell. Lets break up. He is my next boy friend (handsome bullier will be speechless)(Nerd and pretty will live happily ever after…..)(Everyone will go at the center..)Nerd and Daddy R: Use La perfume e magnifico y protacio de amor deospray everyday in short lacpad 2 in 1 deosprayALL: Lacpad 2 in 1 deospray keeps your stink away!

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