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Advertisements and Effects on Business

Starting any business is challenging task for any entrepreneur. One important factor where a lot
of focus is given is that in the creation of quality services and products which will add value to
the target consumers/customers. Advertising is the central part of any business or organization
as its that part which does the work of communicating to the end users. Advertising is the means
of marketing through communication which in turn helps in selling and promoting a particular
product or service. There is another side to advertising through which it can give the confidence
to the employees or shareholders that the company is stable, ...view middle of the document...

How small
business can prosper with advertisements? They can consider what they hope to achieve and
who is their target audience? What is the message they want to convey to them? What medium
is required for this communication? How frequently the advertisements have to be shown? And
the most important … how much they are willing to spend on this?

New vs Old Business

The purpose of advertising will also play a major factor between the new and old. For the new
startups, the ads can inform the consumer about the new product and increase the interest in
market for them. The big companies who have already been in the market for long have a better
advantage. They have large accounts and can create counter-campaigns to bring down the effects
of the new company in the market.

Market Restrictions

Large companies would have already established themselves and their products in the market.
This will lead to small companies which may have better product for the consumer to not enter
the market...

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