Advertisements And Teenagers Essay

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Advertisements and Teenagers

The advertisement I have chosen to talk about is from the “THINK!”
campaign. The “THINK!” campaign has been set up to provide everybody
varying from young children to old people about road safety. The ad
have chosen to talk about are of two teens that have been knocked over
by two separate cars and have died.

To me, this ad shows that the form teenagers were previously seen in
has totally changed. (Adults and elderly people now see them
negatively) My reason for saying this is because both of these teens
had distractions, which were the causes of their deaths, (One teen had
a walkman, while the other had a mobile phone.) so adults looking at
this would see teens in a negative view. They would be thinking
‘teenagers back then were more careful, they valued their lives more
than teens of today’

From looking at the advertisement that teens are not ...view middle of the document...

And I also noticed that the objects
being used in the adverts are everyday items for teens.

I think that there are many reasons why teenagers have being
represented in a negative way, but one I definitely noticed is the
fact that some teens don’t value their lives at all, so this gives
others the opportunity for them to present them as a negative age
group. They mostly concentrate on things like their ipods, mobile
phones, walkmans, etc. They don’t think about their lives, instead
they would rather concentrate on things like their ipods, mobile
phones, walkmans, etc. Looking at different aspects of teens being
represented negatively, I would say that teens are also looked at
negatively because of the things that they do these days. I.e.-Crimes.
It is a proved fact that most of the crimes committed nowadays are by
teens. This would obviously give ANY person the idea that teens are a
negative factor towards the community.

Personally, I think that teens have been represented this way because
of these actions (that I have mentioned above) that they have done.
Maybe if they didn’t do some of these things, then the representation
of them would be at least at little bit better.

The effects that I think this may have on other ideas are that people
will now start to be more aware of teens and groups like the police
and crime stoppers, etc will start to keep an close eye on teens and
watch what they do even more closely than usual. I also think that
those people who have never really had a negative view to teens will
now start to have a negative view, and more people will be cautious,
especially when it comes to crimes.

Behaviour towards teens will now change, police will not take crimes
committed by teens lightly anymore, and others will not treat teens as
young children anymore, more responsibilities will be put onto them,
and more pressure to ensure that they are under control and behave in
an appropriate way.

Looking at the advertisement I am sure that teens will also be on
alert to ensure that they are safe at all times, especially those who
care for their lives.

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