Advertisements Are A Very Influential Part Of Our Lives. We

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Advertisements are a very influential part of our lives. We have been exposed to ads all our lives, and in many ways, they have shaped the way we think and act. Advertisements are very pervasive and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are available in every form of medium, ranging from magazines, television, radio, the internet, billboards, etc. Ads are very important in our society. They make us wary of many cultural trends, as well as give us useful information that might help us lead better lives.Advertisements are designed to attract public attention and patronage. There are many different types of ads. There are ads that promote goods and services, and there are also ads such ...view middle of the document...

They do this because as Solomon states, ?The unwritten message here is that an extraordinary car deserves an extraordinary advertisement, and that both car and ad are aimed at an extraordinary consumer, or at least one who wishes to appear extraordinary compared to his more ordinary fellow citizens? (139).The Chevrolet ads on the other hand, portray the car as an everyday car for everyday people. It is geared toward the common folk, and use mainstream, practical icons in their ads. These advertisers want to tell us that any average Joe can drive in a Chevy and that we all ?belong? in one.Populist ads such as these Chevrolet ads are also used to eliminate foreign competition. In order to steer American motorists away from buying Japanese or other foreign cars, Chrysler and other American car companies use patriotic and populist images and icons in their ads to appeal to the motorists? patriotic sentiments.Solomon also describes the McDonald?s restaurant chain as a great example of Populism in American culture. McDonald?s presents itself as a place for everyone, young and old, rich or poor. Their ad campaigns substantiate that. For example, McDonald?s ads convey the image that it is a place where families can come together and enjoy themselves. They also make themselves appealing to children by having playhouses attached to their restaurants, and having many theme characters such as Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar. Even though these things have nothing to do with the foods themselves, they want to give the idea that their restaurants are not only a place to eat, but a place to play and have fun as well. They even have some items in the restaurant that are exclusive only to kids, such as happy meals. McDonald?s also makes themselves appealing to senior citizens. In many McDonald?s commercials, they show many senior citizens working at McDonalds collaborating with their fellow younger co-workers and enjoying themselves. According to Solomon, McDonald?s truly represents American Populism.Solomon also describes how ?guilt ads? are apparent in Populist advertising as well. Guilt ads are meant to make the American Populist audience feel that if they want to ?belong? they need to consume their products or else they might face social rejection. As Solomon states, ?Advertisements for dandruff shampoos, mouthwashes, deodorants, and laundry detergents accordingly exploit such fears bullying us into consumption? (146).My personal evidence analysis that I can give to support this is sport compact car advertisements. I am an avid reader of magazines such as Sport Compact Car and Import Tuner. These magazines are geared towards people who modify cars as a hobby. Within these magazines are ads showing off different products that you can buy and use to modify your car. They advertise performance parts such as body kits, exhausts, tires, headlights, fuel injection systems, nitrous oxide kits, etc.. These...

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