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Germany, France, and the Netherlands Lead the Way 7
British Magazines Appear 8
American Magazines 8
Mass-Appeal Magazines 9
The Saturday Evening Post 9
Youth’s Companion 10
Price Decreases Attract Larger Audiences 10
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We don’t just identify the problems but we transform them to powerful business ideas and add value by creating opportunities, affordable and practical options to help our clients achieve their highest entrepreneurial potential.

The magazine publication aims to enrich, enlighten and inspire entrepreneurs. We address your business problems and propose ideas for its growth. This publication also provides the franchising information, latest franchising opportunities and consultancy services to ensure small scale business success. The unique selling proposition (USP) of the magazine is that it is the sole publication in the market that specifically addresses the startup problems, current market scenarios for entrepreneurial mindsets. It is a medium for young and aspiring people out there to get information about giving their ideas a practical form. Startup also features success stories of true and seasoned entrepreneurs to motivate the youth.
Promotional camping’s development and formulating strategies to meet the marketing objectives.
Collaboration with other startup promoting organizations such as (plan9-tech hub) since its conception, Plan9 has incubated over 60 startups. A project of the Punjab Information Technology Board, Plan9 is Pakistan’s largest Tech Incubator that was launched in August 2012 to give budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to change their business dreams into a reality using technology as the key component. Today, after two years, Plan9 has evolved into more than just a technology incubator. It is now a whole eco-system for technological innovation and entrepreneurship along the lines of the Silicon Valley, with impact all over Pakistan.

Like the newspaper, the magazine has a complex history shaped by the cultures in which it developed. Examining the industry’s roots and its transformation over time can contribute to a better understanding of the modern industry.
After the printing press became prevalent in Europe, early publishers began to conceptualize the magazine. Forerunners of the familiar modern magazine first appeared during the 17th century in the form of brochures, pamphlets, and almanacs. Soon, publishers realized that irregular publication schedules required too much time and energy. A gradual shift then occurred as publishers sought regular readers with specific interests. But the early magazine was unlike any other previous publication. It was not enough of a news source to be a newspaper, but it could not be considered pleasure reading either. Instead, early magazines occupied the middle ground between the two.
Germany, France, and the Netherlands Lead the Way
German theologian and poet Johann Rist published the first true magazine between 1663 and 1668. Titled Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen, or Edifying Monthly Discussions, Rist’s publication inspired a number of others to begin printing literary journals across Europe: Denis de Sallo’s French Journal des Sçavans (1665), the Royal...

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