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Advertising Analysis

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Advertising can be simply defined as creating and sending a message to the audience. In the present society, the modern advertising is any form of paid message by the sponsor to influence audience for achieving the sponsor’s objective, promote their products, services and ideas. Advertising influence consumer’s behavior through many aspects, psychological influences is one of them.
The purpose of this paper is focus on using Maslow’s hierarchy needs theory to analysis five environmental friendly products’ advertisements. It will analysis how advertisers use needs and wants to create advertisement to motivate target consumers’ behavior. Though analysis the Chinet and four ...view middle of the document...

On the top right corner is the logo of Dandelion, there is a small sunflower on the logo, under the logo, it says earth-friendly goods. Besides the logo, there is the slogan, safe for your baby, batter for your environment. All the elements that the advertising uses show these products are benefit to the environment. The target customers of these products are the parents of babies. They are not the influencer, but the decision-maker. According to the target audiences of this advertising, it relevant to 3 levels of Maslow’s hierarchy theory: belongingness esteem and self-actualization. First of all, parents all love their babies, they want to choose the best product for the babies, make them feel comfortable, that is love, belongs to belongingness in Maslow’s theory. Then the esteem level, Maslow discusses two “subsidiary sets” of self-esteem need. These are, first, the need for strength, for achievement, for adequacy, for confidence in the face of the world, and for independence and freedom. Secondly, we have what we may call the desire for reputation or prestige (defining it as respect or esteem from other people), recognition, attention, importance or appreciation.( Maslow Abraham, 1943) In this case, parents cares about their children but also know about it is on their should to take care of the family. The highest level is self-actualization, the whole advertisement gives audience information is these are nature-friendly products. Customs who choose this brand are not only care about their own life, but also care about the nuture.

AD2: Bare tableware
This advertising is Bare tableware from solo company. It use green color which means nature for the background, and also use bamboo to be the background. In the middle of this advertising is the Bare’s logo, there are three leaves above the logo. Under the logo, there is a sentence, bringing alternative recourse for the environment. After all of these, there is text shows new eco-forward convenience tableware from solo, the brand you know and trust. This advertisement use words like environment, eco-forward to reinforce that it is a eco-friendly brand, and also shows these product are very natural and safety. Tableware are usually low-involvement product, consumers choose it just because good quality, safe enough, all these reasons are called safety in Maslow’s theory, it belongs innate needs. We all have innate needs include physiological and safety needs and acquired needs includes belongingness, esteem and self-actualization. Innate needs also called primary needs, acquired needs called secondary needs.( Wells; Spence Stone; Moriarty; Burnett, 2008 ) This advertisement actually add some value to the product, it is not only a tableware, its something about the macro world save the environment. The motivation to buy bare tableware from safety needs to self-actualization needs.

AD3: 2011 Earth Hour
It is the advertisement for 2011 Earth Hour. It is different with other product in...

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