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Advertising And Herbert Marshall Mcluhan Essay

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Advertising and Herbert Marshall McLuhan

According to Google the definition of advertising is, “The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.” Advertising communicates with the viewers by using the product, service or idea. It’s the best form of persuading consumers to buy more and want more. Advertising comes in many forms and by technology changing rapidly, forms of advertising has improved tremendously over the years. The old form of media are broadcasts through television, movies, radio, music, magazines, newspapers, books and any print ads. The new mass media advertising includes the old form of media plus the internet, mobile devices and ...view middle of the document...

The most important factor about mass media is the speed of which the communication can travel. One example: the local news channels which you do not need cable television for. If there is a national disaster, with one switch on the television people around the world can tune in to current news. A second example: the social networking sites such as and are the two most used networking sites in 2011. With the users’ network growing on both sites and where strangers can become friends, update posts, pictures, location check-in, and anything else a user can share which can be easily broadcasted to anyone in the world.
Meta information is also used on the two networking sites and Being a Facebook user, I can relate to the site that Facebook allows users to show their interests by “liking” a page. The page can be a celebrity, a band, public figure, organization, school, movies, books, quotations, countries, cultures, fashions and it’s as specific to a brand, product or service. For example, if you use Netflix to provide your movie/TV pleasures, as a user you can type in the company Netflix and click on the “like” button to show your Facebook friends you’re a fan on Netflix.
Audience involvement is another characteristic of mass media. This allows the user to select how to share their private information. To continue using Facebook as an example; you can create friends lists which contains family, friends, work associates, and acquaintances. Facebook allows the user to let a specific group to have access to view certain information on the page. For more detail, recently Facebook can edit the privacy level now to a specific friend. If you have two people in the same group but you don’t want one person to view information, the user can select to block person number 1 and allow person number two.
There are many factors how mass media can be used and shown to consumers. With technology today we have advertisements on our mobile phones. For example, the Apple iPhone is geared towards advertisements. Since the new IOS 4 Apple has created a separate app for all advertisements. iPhone users can choose to install this app or not and there are category of advertisements to choose from to view. This is called media synergy, with access at our fingertips to read virtual bulletin boards (vBulletin), consumers can be notified the second a new post is on.
“Advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it.” — Chuck Blore, a partner in the advertising firm Chuck Blore & Don Ruchman, Inc., quoted by Ben H. Bagdikian, The Media Monopoly, Sixth Edition, (Beacon Press, 2000), p.185.
Mass media and advertising created luxuries to becoming a normal necessity for everyday life. Long ago the only form of communication is the traditional face-to-face and physically hand writing letters, in modern day society its text messages (SMS - short message...

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