Advertising And The Hierarchy Of Needs

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MKG 330 – Consumer Behavior

Advertising and the Hierarchy of Needs

Dr. Maryann Lamer

26 January 2014

Our text defines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as, “A theory of motivation that postulates that individuals strive to satisfy their needs according to the basic hierarchical structure, starting with physiological needs, then moving to safety needs, social needs, egoistic needs, and finally self-actualization needs” (Schiffman, Kanuk, 2010). In the marketing and advertising world it is so important to understand your consumer base but at the same time to present your company in the way that you will grab viewers attention while maintaining the culture of what your company stands for. ...view middle of the document...

Especially when the last line is, “Unlike any other.”
2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow: This ad is a high-energy and empowering commercial. It definitely focuses on a younger to mid-age generation of viewers with rock and roll music, skinny-dipping, beautiful motorcycles and young people laughing and hanging out. This commercial tries to imply that a Harley-Davidson will empower you so that you don’t need self-improvement tapes or Botox. You just need the freedom that comes along with riding one of these amazing motorcycles. There is an element of fun and strength that the commercial highlights. Even the music is fast and high energy. I would have to say that this commercial could rank under several categories of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs namely Self-Actualization (Self-Fulfillment), Ego Needs (Prestige, status, self-esteem), and Social Needs (Affection, friendship, belonging). I found it very interesting how they mentioned all these extremely expensive procedures that Americans go through in a year and then they highlight the fact that you can buy an affordable Harley Davison with models starting as low as $7999. All of a sudden it does not seem so much because they were throwing millions and billions of dollars in front of the viewer at first. Very smart tactic.
Chevrolet "100 Years of Chevrolet- Then & Now: I loved this commercial! It was so creative and smart. This ad appeals to all genera’s since it ties in the past and the present in a beautiful manner. This was definitely an emotional driven commercial with beautiful videography and music choice. You find yourself paying closer attention when you realize the picture matches the scenery but it’s from a different time period. I would say that this ad fits into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs under Safety and Security Needs (Protection, order, stability). As the viewer, I definitely got the sense that Chevrolet is a stable product...

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