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Advertising Assignment On Masculinity

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The energy drink in the ad which appeals specifically to men is called Father. The name is the opposite of another energy drink called mother which people may associate with very familiarly. There is a lot of emphasis on body building which appeals to men of young and middle aged, through the positioning of techniques, the ad highlights the masculinity of drink. The use of jargon, before and after, hand held shot and camera angles escalates the level masculinity within the energy drink and furthering the appeal to the specified audience.
The Father energy drink attempts convince its young male audience as well as the middle aged men. The low angle on the Father energy drink can shows dominance over the consumer, this personifies the can to have strong and intimidating characteristics, and the viewer will inquire those characteristics by purchasing and drinking the ...view middle of the document...

The use of expertise affects the male target audience, this technique makes the audience feel and believe that they can achieve the results as seen in the ad because of the influence of the icon.
The language technique used in the ad highlights the complexity of the product. The ‘science’ used talks about the body composition, muscle increase and ingredients make the audience think that the product more complex and appeals to the audience more because that is what men in today’s society want to have. The information used in the quickly and briefly outlines the positive effects, and provides description of the masculine body build, which blinds the audience with multiple facts helping sell the product. Using ‘science’ the audience feels more confident with the results of the health benefits which fits in with the cultural assumptions of men made by society about being strong and healthy.
The camera shot in the end of the ad was a hand held shot. The hand held shot gives the audience the feeling of being in front of the person as if they were there themselves. The hand held shot makes the person being interviewed seem like he was talking to the audience directly individually as the audience was watching the ad. This technique provides the audience with a clear view of the person giving the audience a person who fits the cultural assumptions of society.
The ad for the energy drink covers aspects of masculinity for young men and middle aged men; it provides information and orients the viewer’s attention towards the proof of strength which many people refer to the body build. The use of expertise influences the viewer because acknowledging that a moderately famous supports and uses the product. The hand held shot near the end of the ad gives the viewer the feeling of being talked to by the interviewee. The placement of the language and camera angles and shots assist in giving the target audience the masculinity expected by society of being the ‘ideal’ man.

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