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Advertising At Ford Motor Company Essay

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Creative Brief for Ford Motor Company
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Creative Brief for Ford Motor Company
A creative brief for any company needs to be clear and complete in order to accomplish its purpose effectively. It gives the creative team direction while coming up with a marketing strategy. A well laid-down sample brief enables the team to come up with the best techniques that cover all the needs of the business owner.
The creative brief for Ford’s company captures most of the necessary elements. It clearly states the product they want to advertise, which is the Ford Mustang. They also state their objective, which is to turn around the lagging sales. The objective is ...view middle of the document...

Digital engagement is critical for anyone wishing to survive in a youth-dominated market. Most youth people spend a significant time of their lives browsing on the internet, therefore Internet ads are a sure way of reaching them. Another reason why internet advertising is a viable option is that the consumer purchase path has transformed. They conduct a lot of research about car models and price comparison on the internet (Green, 2014). Therefore, placing information on the Ford Mustang online increases chances of attracting buyers.
Use of television shows is quickly replacing the old way of getting a few seconds of screen time in between programs. Auto advertising experts say that TV show placements yield more than the traditional method. It involves giving a vehicle brand a prominent role in the show and displaying its distinctive features during the show (Been, 2013). Integrating vehicle products with programming will enable Ford to reach a more segmented audience (Been, 2013), given that majority viewers of the chosen shows are young people. The creative and account executive need to consult with the media planner on several details before embarking on creation of the advertisement content. For example, they have to know when there is screen time and the amount of time that the ads should take. For the TV show based advertisement, they will need to collaborate with the producers in order to incorporate their product into the storyline.
The creative brief and media plan for Ford Mustang are specific enough to enable the creative department to design a variety of adverts that befit the product. From the creative brief, one gets to learn a lot about the target audience. In particular, the Psychographics reveal the personality of the target market as individualists, who pay attention to design, distinctiveness and utility. This will be a major factor for consideration while designing the advertisements since they have to be exhibit the features.
A suitable advertisement for the Ford...

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