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Advertising Essay 16

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dvertising is a form of communication used to promote products and services of a company primarily to generate sales and secondary to create a brand identity, introduce new products and services, communicating a change in the existing product line. It also helps in communicating social messages to the masses.

Types of Advertising
There are various types of advertising which are mentioned below: • • • • • • Print Advertising: Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Fliers Broadcast advertising: Television, Radio and the Internet Outdoor Advertising: Billboards, Kiosks, Tradeshows and Events Covert Advertising: Advertising in Movies Public Service Advertising: Advertising for Social ...view middle of the document...

For instance earlier the hoardings were hand painted and banners hand written but now these are printed on a synthetic material which is a buzz word in the advertising industry. This superior quality, cost-effective material which the outdoor advertising now is not supposed to do without is popularly known as FLEX.

What is Flex?
Flex is a sheet of polythene widely used to deliver high quality digital print for outdoor hoardings and banner, mainly printed by large color plotters in CMYK1 mode. These prints are efficient, Low-cost and durable substitutes of hand painted hoarding and hand written banner.


CMYK refers to the four inks used in most color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Though it varies by print house, press operator, press manufacturer and press run, ink is typically applied in the order of the abbreviation.

Advantages of Flex Printing
Flex printing has a number of benefits: • • • • • • • • The colour of designs prepared out on them remains luminous in nature. Flex gives a shiny, smooth and glossy finish to the designs. It lasts longer as compared to other materials. Flex printing is economical. It offers a new dimension to creativity in interior designing It provides an excellent eye-catching to hoardings, banners etc. It provides a beautiful look to glass ceilings and windows. It serves as an excellent material for one way vision in offices.

Flex Printing
Flex printing is a way of outdoor advertisement of products and services. The printing is done in a media known as flex that undergoes a series of steps and procedures like designing, selection of media, quality standard, spooling to printing, laminating, proper packing and then finally delivering. Flex printing comes under the category of large format digital printing wherein there is no need of any kind of pre press operation. The machine performs automatically with the command of the computer system attached to it. It is most suitable promotional display, outdoor advertising, showcases, presentations etc. It is popular for indoor and outdoor printing used in hoarding, billboard, display, glow signs, shop boards, window graphics, vinyl prints, car graphics, translites, exhibition booth decoration, glass lamination, banner, building wraps and backdrop. It is also carving its niche in interior designing industry. For digital flex printing three types of media are used: • Front Lit: as in hoardings, banners.

• •

Back Lit: as in glow sign boards. Vinyl: It is a self adhesive material used indoor prints which can be easily pasted on glass. It is also used in glow signs. Here, the panels are digitally printed on high quality vinyl material with accurate finishing, giving the digital printed panels long life to flex giving f printing. When Back lights are lit on them at nights they give an eye catching effect . effect.

Raw Materials
• • • • Flex sheet Ink Bond (liquid material) Solvent

Flex used for various types of flex...

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