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Advertising Essay 19

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An advertisement is a mode of communicating information to an audience. It is normally designed to sell a product or a service to the public. The different methods that a designer may use are verbal and visual images and leverage points such as moving the consumer from understanding a product's benefits to linking those benefits with personal values. Posters are a common type of advertising, they are normally found on notice boards or walls which are in public areas. A successful poster is one which is able to catch an audience attention, and leave a lasting impression on the audience.
The advertisement that I have designed is for a mobile phone named ‘The Corby’. By exploiting many ...view middle of the document...

Although sans serif fonts are seen as more difficult to read, I felt that giving the advert a youthful and trendy feel was more important that its apparent readability.
Moreover, the text is in a larger font than most of the text that surround the title. This makes the price standout further as it becomes a focal point of the poster. For the advertisement, I have put the words “Lowest price”. This statement is an opinion. It is not fully a fact as the price has not been compared to any other prices, it only assumes that the phone is cheap. The text also says “only $299”, the word “only” assumes that the price would be a small one to pay, but in actuality “$299” is a large sum that would have to be paid by a teenager.
In addition, as it is in the bottom right hand corner, the Logo would be one of the last things that the audience sees before he or she flips the page. Alternatively: I have also made it the last feature, along with the SAMSUNG logo, that the viewer would lay eyes upon before flipping the page.  This enables the reader to believe that the brand Samsung is an affordable brand.
The headline in a poster is usually the piece of text in the largest font, it would display the most persuasive information about the product. In the headline of the Samsung Corby advertisement, it says “Sleek, cool, affordable. The perfect portable”. Firstly, it is in a sans serif font. By doing this I can further echo’s the casual feel I want the poster to have. Formal advertisements generally do not have rhymes, I added the rhyme of “affordable” and “portable”, this gives the poster an informal and casual feel.
In addition, I also use the rule of three. This is when the designer uses 3 adjectives to sell the product to the audience. The word ‘sleek’ displays to the target audience that the product runs smoothly. In doing this the image that the product emits is that it works smoothly and is reliable. The word ‘cool’ suggests to the target audience that with the product you would be ‘cool’. This would affect the target audience, teenagers, as they are constantly seeking to be cool. Perhaps if I were to redo the advertisement, I would have used more persuasive techniques to drawn in the audience. For example, I would have used more metaphors to further describe the product; it would essentially persuade the audience further.
Furthermore, the word ‘affordable’ proposes the affordability of the product, that the product is cheap. Effectively, this targets the product at teenagers, due to the small budget. Furthermore, these three punctuated words essentially become a short three worded sentence.”The Perfect Portable” is a three word sentence. It is an opinion. There is no proof or any comparison to the product that would show that it is the best in that entire market segment. In addition it uses alliteration; this asserts to the audience that the phone is the most ideal phone that would suit them.
In my opinion, to make the advertisement a more...

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