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Advertising Food Essay

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Sinfully Sweet Propaganda
Any amount of time spent watching the television will include a great deal of commercials advertising various products. America is a society that is very captivated by the visual aspect, and we get no greater visual stimulation than the television. This is why the largest corporations in control of branded foods and restaurants focus so much effort on advertising their goods and services. Food marketing in the U.S accounts for the second largest amount of advertising in the American economy. Everywhere we look and go we see marketing telling us what we should eat, how we should look, and how we should care for our families. Not only do they advertise the food, they market to consumers that if they try the product the experience of eating it will be a great one. Advertisements also sell to the American public that if they eat their food or at their restaurant that they ...view middle of the document...

When these products are advertised to young kids, they often use cartoon characters to showcase how much fun the kids will have eating them. Many advertisements also show attractive people eating their products and reacting to how good it is. Then it is the consensus that if that person likes that product, then we as average consumers will probably like it too. Another common theme we see in commercials on the television is the family restaurant. These advertisements appeal to the fact that more and more in society families are not eating dinner together. This topic has been discussed very much and it is known that it builds camaraderie and a closer family when they eat meals together. That is where these so called family restaurants come in. They make the attempt to give you a place where you can bring your family for a dinner and become closer to them there. They say that they are just neighborhood restaurants where the eater and all their neighbors can get together and have a good time. Maybe at the expense of almost two days worth of calories, but a good time nonetheless. These elements in advertising are constantly utilized to create an emotional appeal to these companies’ products as well as the enjoyment that goes along with eating it.
Society in America is greatly influenced by the things that we see around us. Everyone is always looking for a way to fit in and to have something to belong too, and the way we eat is no different. However, by conforming to the ideals we are advertised and buying something because of how well we are sold it, we lose some of the individuality we all possess. These companies reach us in different ways than why we should eat their products, and many people get sold on buying things that should not be consumed as much as they do. The smart choice in how we should eat is in realizing to eat nutritiously and buying the things that nourish your body, not what has the best looking commercial on the television. Like the great Benjamin Franklin once said, believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Especially in between the shows on the television.

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