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Advertising In Radio Essay

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When a business is starting out or is in need of informing the public of a new product or service, advertising is the best way to achieve that goal. These announcements come in many forms and styles. When comparing the typical varieties of promotion mediums which are television, newspapers, and magazines, radio ads are much more affordable than many people realize. While broadcasting in radio, a company is able to reach its target audience at the lowest cost. Being that the most affordable form of advertising means of publicity is through the airwaves, it is frequently the preferred kind of mainstream marketing medium of many businesses new and old. Although radio is the cheapest and most ...view middle of the document...

When a company purchases multiple spots to gain a high frequency, they make certain their message will be heard numerous times throughout the day by their target audience. Upon finding the proper channels to send their messages through the airwaves, a business will need to put on creative thinking caps to come up with ads in order to grab and hold on to the attention of potential listeners which is usually through humorous ads. Radio advertisements come in many forms, one of which is a straight reading that is accompanied by sound effects and background music. Then there are the basic dialogue or monologue, jingles that get stuck replaying in your mind, or any combinations of these. With the different types of advertisements, the style of ad a company chooses will determine the type of response they are trying to achieve from their listeners. There is one type of ad which is the simplest to produce and contains a particular goal which is a topical ad where the audience is being “called into action”, such as the advertisements used for newscasts. Then there are the comparison ads where a business will compare their product to that of a competitor with the same goods. On occasion there will be an ad type where a listener will hear someone talking about why they like a particular product or service and those are known as a customer testimonial. Another manner of advertisement would be one that looks to make it known “everyone is buying my product, you should to” which is considered to be a bandwagon ad (Gordon, Kim). “The best advertising strategy does not rely completely on any one of these forms of media promotions. By creating a mixture of these ad types, you can target the needs of a specific situation in order to get the most results from your audience” (Halbrooks, Glenn).

Aside from the typical forms of advertising on radio, there is another practice that is known as underwriting. Typically, underwriting can be heard on radio stations that are considered to be non-commercial. These types of announcements that are made are done in exchange for funding and generally will mention the name of the contributor. Underwriting advertisements can resemble the customary ad to a...

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