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Advertising In The Media Essay

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Advertising in the Media

For my Media Coursework, I have chosen to look at advertising. This
covers a very large spectrum, from small one-off advertisements in a
newspaper to gigantic campaigns being advertised on the television and
radio all the time. I have chosen to specifically look at television
marketing, and have decided to both study the development of
commercials and the end product of existing commercials, by giving
myself the task of working for a made up advertising agency (i.e. 'Xperimental
WorksLimited.') for an imaginary 'alcoholic drink' company called 'Q2'.

In the advertising world, what would happen would be that Q2, after
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With a good advertising drive, an old fashioned, inconspicuous
medicine firm can change it's image to become, 'hip', 'trendy' and
most importantly of all successful. This example of how the, now-fizzy
drink company, 'Lucozade', changed its image from being a dull type of
medicine in the 1950-60's to being a fun and exciting energy drink
today. This change in the people's perception of the drink has been
brought about, largely by one thing: advertising. 'Lucozade's'
commercials used to be in the breed of advert that consisted of what I
like to call 'The Stereotypical, 1950's Housewife Commercials'. These
were the first type of commercials and back in the 1950's-60's they
were the large majority of what television marketing consisted of.
They were black and white, and usually had (depending on whether they
be British or American) either a very well spoken man with an English
accent or a typically all-American man's voice as a voice over.
Actually on screen would be the 'stereotypical housewife', a white
woman usually in her late 30's, washing up, or cleaning, always with a
nice smile, a beautiful complexion, set in a very middle class house,
with soft music playing in the background. These commercials seemed to
play on stereotypes and definitely reflected the political status of
men and women at the time. Not only is there never a man in any advert
that is on the subject of cleaning, children, or general housework
(unless it is showing a man earning the money necessary to buy the
product for his wife to use or other scenarios that by today's
standards would seem unacceptably politically incorrect), but also it
clearly shows the position of different races on the television, back
in the '50's and '60's. Black people would virtually never be on
British advertisements until the early 1970's and would rarely be on
American commercials unless insinuating that the person was some kind
of servant or cook to the middle class family being portrayed.
Lucozade's commercials were no exception; they consisted of the
stereotypical housewife, usually nursing a sick child of about 9-11,
the soft music and an Englishman with 'received pronunciation',
explaining why Lucozade is ' . . .simply the best way to relieve a
nasty cold'. This was fairly successful for what it was, a type of
medicine, but soon, 'Beechams' (the company who owns Lucozade) decided
to change what Lucozade was from a soothing, dull remedy for saw
throats to a sports drink, that they would try to target at young
people. It was not really a sudden change but a gradual one that took
a long time and many different campaigns. However, in 1999 their
latest campaign came out and it was a huge success. They did something
that had never been done before in the U.K. They used the technology
of Computer Generated Images to have a famous...

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