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Sock Clippies: Never Lose a Sock Again!
Advertising Plan

A look at the marketing and advertising aspects of our newly designed product.

Kristin A. Vanderbilt
Advertising Marketing
Sock Clippies: Never Lose a Sock Again!
Advertising Plan

A look at the marketing and advertising aspects of our newly designed product.

Kristin A. Vanderbilt
Advertising Marketing

Executive Summary
One of the most hated chores in the United States is doing ...view middle of the document...

They are called “Sock Clippies”. We have made our clips from simple materials so that we can keep the cost of our product low, which means that everyone can afford them and everyone can reap the benefits of our product.
Prepare yourself to have your life be that much easier.

Company Description
Our product is very simple in its design, but will save our consumers time and money. Our “Sock Clippies” clip to the socks to keep them together while washing and drying them in a machine. This way, the socks stay together, so the consumer doesn’t lose socks in the process. This can also save time when sorting laundry, since the clips can be used when storing socks. Our product will save the consumer money, since they won’t have to keep buying new socks. It will also save the consumers sanity, since they won’t have to go crazy trying to find matches for the socks. When the socks are done with both the washing and drying cycles, you don’t even have to fold them. The clips are small enough where you can just put your socks in the drawer, no more rolling or folding. You can store them just how they are.
SWOT Analysis
Our product is simple and will be cheap to manufacture, keeping the cost down. We plan on selling them in packages of at the least twenty five. The will be small, so that they can be used in drawers, instead of having to sort the socks when they come out of the laundry. This will save our consumers so much time and save them money. Our biggest strength is that while there are other products like this on the market, you don’t see any advertisements for them. Since we are saving money by keeping the cost of production down, we can afford to spend money on advertisements to enable us to infiltrate the market when it comes to sock clips. The other clips are big and bulky, so they can’t also be used when storing the laundry, so we will make sure that our consumers know that there is no folding or sorting involved, just wash and dry.

Our product will be small, so they could go missing very easily. Also, the will be made of plastic and can be broken if stepped on. The will be need to kept out of the reach of children, since they could be harmful if swallowed. We are trying to keep the cost of production down, so the clips were not made to last forever, so the consumer will have to replace the clips often, which might deter consumers from purchasing our product since is not long lasting.
We have many ideas as to what we can do with “Sock Clippies”. We can manufacture them in different colors and designs; we could also make them in different sizes to accommodate different thicknesses of socks. Our product is simple, but different add-on’s to the product will help us sell more. There are many things we can do to change and update our product and the more we do, the more our consumers will be encourage to buy the “new” version of the product. That way we will continually be selling.
There are...

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